The Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels Every Girl Should Own

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Guest Post: The Best Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels Every Girl Should Own by Suzy Walsh

By now, the world knows the extent to which Stella McCartney has gone to promote her love for animals and green fashion. However, she is not the only one marketing eco-friendly fashion as the coolest thing, other brands and labels are doing their bit too. If you love your fashion to be without any guilt, this is a list worth keeping a note of, for the some of the best eco-friendly and green labels available.

Kowtow: If you love organic clothing and cotton, this is a brand that you would like to own. There are some great elements of minimalism in their work, which will be appreciated by a segment. Organic clothing or best available cotton clothing is one of the best ways to show that you care.

:: Kowtow ::

Study NY: This is a brand that belongs to designer Tara St James, who has been using organic cotton and hand-dyed fabrics along with recycled materials to create amazing pieces. The products are made locally in NY, and the designer herself has developed a program of helping emerging designers to do more with eco-friendly fashion. For those that already know, the unique shirt dress from this brand proves to be a popular choice.

:: Study NY ::

Freedom of Animals: The name of this brand says it all, and this is an accessory label that lives up to the name. The bags from their collection are everything you would call classic, but what makes them special is the use of organic cotton and post-consumer polyurethane material. Their bags are a little expensive for sure, but when you care and favour hard work coupled with a choice to produce goods using ethical material, this is a brand to recall.

:: Freedom of Animals ::

Mina + Olya: This is a brand that you will hear time and again in many of the fashion circuits, as a luxury sustainable label using eco-friendly materials for all products such as organic cotton, silks and wools along with milk fibre. However, that doesn’t mean they are low on the fashion, they bring a lot of tailoring effects that you would associate with one any top designers. The designer duo behind the label, Mina Yazdi and Olya Dzilikhova, must be applauded for all the good reasons.

:: Mina + Olya, image credit

Riyka: If you love geometric patterns, this brand gives you everything. Based out of London, they use some of the best available organic and recycled materials to make quality products. Add to that, collections are produced by the designer duo in their UK studio, so when you wish to buy one of their pieces, you know the hard work that has gone into the production of your new garment. Their styles are classic and fun adding a chic look to every day casual wear.

 :: Riyka ::

The author, Suzy Walsh, is an expert fashion writer who has been writing for trends, rules and much more for many years. She is currently associated with The House of Elegance Fashion.


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