Recycled T-shirt Scarf Necklaces by Madja Kancir

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I've talked about recycled t-shirt scarf necklaces on the blog before, and even had a go at making one myself.

When Croatian based Madja Kancir shared her 'Happy Recycled Homemade' page on Facebook, I noticed her t-shirt scarves are a little different from the norm, with perfect little circle 'flower' embellishments added to her necklaces using the same t-shirt yarn in complimentary colours.

Madja has quite the following on Facebook, the only place she sells her products, with over 9,200 followers. She has been making recycled accessories for three years, initially using old t-shirts from her husbands wardrobe, now sourcing t-shirts in second hand shops.
Madja tells me her best sellers are larger necklace scarves with complimentary wrap around flowers. 

Due to the success of social media networking, Madja has sold her wares to customers in distant shores including USA, Canada, Germany, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Follow Madja's beautiful work on Facebook, and be sure to mention Recycled Fashion should you decide to buy a piece!



Patti said...

love these necklaces.

Agy said...

Very pretty. They are definitely different from the usual types of t-shirt necklaces i see made!

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