Second Hand Disco Party Dresses

Friday, July 11, 2014

I have an invitation to a party, not just any ol' shin-dig, this is an excuse for a dress up, complete with an award for the 'best dressed'. The dress code for the night is a fun one - second hand disco party dresses; frocks of glitter, shine, ballgowns and op shop horrors, now if that isn't the start of a top night out I don't know what is. As yet, there are no frocks on my shortlist, but a browse on the www has raised a few eyebrows and opened the disco shopping floodgates.

Should I go for:

..a 70s glitter mini dress with a touch of glam rock

:: from Fat Vintage ::

..a gold party dress with vintage flair

:: from Harlem Rag Shop :: 80's prom dress complete with gold geometrics and party bow

:: from Dogstar Bazaar ::

..a 90's gunmetal taffeta number

..a sleeveless beaded flapper-esque piece

:: from Detroit Clothes ::

...or all out sequins

:: from Polina Ivanova ::

Whaddya reckon?



Unknown said...

They are all very pretty! I'd take the first one, glamrock style ;)

Unknown said...

Hieno - pretty special that one!

Patti said...

So many good choices! I am partial to the gold dress from Harlem Rag Shop. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Harlem dress or Flapper rag shop. Have fun! I love a dress up party.

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