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Thursday, June 12, 2014

A US initiative Greener Grads emailed through a video the other day which I found quite interesting, and I think you will too.

We often think of disposable fashion as wasteful, but what about graduation gowns worn by tens of thousands of student graduates each year?. Many students and parents purchase a brand new gown for graduation ceremonies without giving it a second thought, when the reality is, that gown is worn for a mere 90 minutes - 90 minutes folks, if that isn't wasteful wear, then I don't know what is.

Seth Yon, a former employee of a graduation industry giant wanted to utilise his unique skill set to focus on offering students and their families environmentally friendly graduation products at a more affordable price through his new site Greener Grads.

With the help of Goodwill, Greener Grads has a mission to collect and sort gowns, with a goal to collect 10k gowns in spring and summer. Collected gowns will be steam cleaned and barcoded to tell their travel story. The good news is that Greener Grads is well on the way to reaching that goal, and Seth is now in the process of building an e-commerce side of the site to offer the resale of recovered gowns by fall 2014.

If you have a gown you would like to donate or you are interested in finding out more, head to Greener Grads website or Facebook page.

Good luck to you and your team Seth.

Disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Greener Grads, Seth Yon has no clue who I am other than to send me an email introducing his business.. and what a great initiative it is.


List Addict said...

Wow! I didn't realised that everyone bought one. I missed my graduation from Uni - long story - but I am pretty sure we hire our gowns. This is a good program though.

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK most university graduates hire their gowns for the day, which are then returned and reused again countless times, rather than buying one. Love the Greener Grads idea too though to encourage the donation of bought gowns.

Patti said...

Great idea! I bought mine, way back in the 70's and eventually threw it away.

Something Else said...

Wow - I just rented mine..and the different hoods.. each time. How ridiculous to buy one! Thank goodness for Greener Grads, hey?

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