Northern Regards Artisan Market

Saturday, May 17, 2014

There are many craft markets around the world, and the Australian South East State of Victoria is certainly filled with its fair share of them. One market that strives to stand out from the rest in terms of sustainability, is Northern Regards Artisan Market.

Northern Regards Artisan Market, found in Melbourne's Northern Suburb of Northcote, specialises in locally produced wares with a focus on upcycled and recycled crafts. Held at The Northcote Social Club, this atmospheric eco market also offers beers to enjoy while you shop including locally produced Coburg larger, brewed just down the road.

I have asked Dee and Kate, the two founders of Northern Regards, to tell us about their specialised market, and why the environmental focus is important to them.

Q: Can you tell us about your market?

Northern Regards is an artisan market with a focus on upcycled, recycled and sustainable handmade wares.

How long have your markets been running?

Since June 2013

How often are they held?

In 2014, we launched Northern Regards as a monthly market.

Why are sustainable handmade goods important to you?

There are a number of reason sustainable handmade goods are important to us - environmental, creative and aesthetic.

Environmentally - we are acutely aware of the limited resources of our planet and the impact that we are having on them.

Creatively - we highly value the skill, ingenuity and design that is required to make goods from materials that others have discarded.

Aesthetically - we also highly value the notion that sustainable items can not be replicated or mass produced. When you purchase from one of our stallholders, you will be purchasing a one of a kind item.

Do you have regular sellers at your markets or different stallholders each time?

We have a mixture of both. Being in the cosy band room of the iconic Northcote Social Club we are a relatively small market with high quality stallholders. Each visit to Northern Regards will give you a different shopping experience.

:: Kate Campbell ::

Some of our regulars include Tra La La, Kate Campbell Designs, Vintage Galah and Made by A Mzungu.

:: Tra La La ::

What are your working backgrounds prior to running Northern Regards Artisan Market?

Dee has spent many, many a weekend at markets as shopper, seller and organiser. As a volunteer at Made 'n Thornbury craft market she found her happy place with clipboard in hand, assisting stallholders and creating an enjoyable market environment.

Kate, the jewellery designer behind Kate Campbell Designs, was looking for a market close to home for proximity and ethical reasons.

Having met each other at a craft course run by Thornbury Womens Neighbouhourhood House, one conversation lead to another which lead to Northern Regards Artisan Market.

:: Bags by Gabby Lane ::

When is your next market?

Our next market is 5 July, 2014, come and visit!

If you find yourself in Melbourne's north and would like partake in a little feel good shopping as well as enjoy a locally brewed beer, head to Northcote Social Club 301 High St Northcote on the first Saturday of every month.  You can also follow Northern Regards Artisan Market on Facebook.

:: Cheers to you, Dee and Kate! ::



Patti said...

Looks like a great event, Erica - wish i were there. : >

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sneaky little photo of our stall!
Check out For the Love of Vintage and Small Spines on Facebook!

Unknown said...

tra la la will be bringing some new items to the July market :)

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