May 4th Be With You, In Fashion

Friday, April 18, 2014

In a few weeks from now on May 4th, the world celebrates Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday honouring the pop culture phenomenon Star Wars, created by George Lucas.

Some say Star Wars has never been out of fashion, although now is a good a reason as any to celebrate the cult classic space movie series, particularly with the anticipated release of Star Wars Episode VII in December 2015. Here we have a round up of the best geek-chic Star Wars related fashion shared on the web:

Star Wars Ball Gowns

Star Wars for Little Girls

:: Made by handmadebyDarcy ::

:: R2D2 and C3PO Twins seen on Pinterest (original source unknown) ::

:: Star Wars Bedding Skirt by OverIt ::

Upcycled Star Wars Pieces 

 :: Star Wars T-shirt Dress seen on Pinterest via TieFighters ::

:: Upcycled Sheet Star Wars Chapter One Dress made by ChaDesigns ::

:: Upcycled Darth Vader T-shirt Halter Top made by boobercakes ::

:: Vintage Cotton Star Wars Dress made by passerinedresses ::

:: Modified Levi's Star Wars Shorts made by sergeanddestroy ::


:: Yoda embellished cardigan made by Lush Cherry ::


 :: Chewbacca & Hans Solo Toms by ChangeYourFate ::

:: Painted Stormtrooper Vans by ShoesBySmiley ::

And to leave you with a smile on your dial, I give you - Mewbacca:

 :: source ::

May 4th Be With You, In Fashion



Patti said...

Wonderful, creative fashions, Erica. And I gotta love Mewbacca, an amazing likeness! xo

Anonymous said...

Hubby says we must attend a special event where I must wear one of those first two dresses.

Alicia said...

These are so great!! I think the little girls dressed as R2 and C3PO were originally on You could ask her to be sure if you wanted to give credit! :-)

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