Doodle Skirt Refashion

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Worn correctly, black and white outfits can be the epitome of sophistication, but sometimes this is a combination that cries out for a bit of colour, which is exactly what I thought when I found this skirt on the sale rack in the Op Shop for $2.50.

:: $2.50 Op Shop Skirt ::

With a printed pattern comparable to zentangle designs, and inspiration from this dress, I got to work with a packet of fabric crayons to give this skirt a new look without the need to cut or sew.

Weee! who knew how much fun colouring in doodles could be?

:: Colouring the doodles ::

I did get to a point though, when I wondered whether I should soldier on, which is when I put the question out to social media followers: should I continue colouring the entire skirt, gradually reduce colour toward top of skirt, or leave as is.

:: Doodle Skirt Refashion ::

Most said leave it, some said gradually reduce colour, I went with something in-between.

:: Doodle Skirt Refashion ::

I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out, matched with black and white for the rest of my chosen outfit to bring out the rainbow of colour in the bottom half of my skirt.

Do you prefer an outfit of black and white, or a splash of colour?

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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

What an incredibly inspiring project Erica, I love it! I could colour in all. day. long. xoxo

Little Bits of Now said...

Of course splash of colour! Look really great on you!

Patti said...

Love this idea! I like the skirt as it is, with a colorful bottom, but no wrong answers : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

Agy said...

Yay, love how it's only a little bit of colour :-) I've never tried fabric crayons, only sharpies. What brand did you get?

Unknown said...

Thanks Agy - the fabric crayons are Pentel Arts Fabric Fun - Pastel Dye Sticks, just sent you an instagram pic of them :)

Tilda E. said...

Genius! What a great idea---gives me a new way to look at stuff when I'm in the thrifts. Can I color it in? :)

citizen rosebud said...

I love it- the splash of color! It will brighten up any day! Thanks for linking you and your brilliant look up to #secondhandfirst

Kezzie said...

Oooh, what a super idea!!!! I'd never thought of doing that! Where do you get these fabric crayons for- what make are they!?!x

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