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Friday, April 11, 2014

A meme doing the rounds on Facebook caused a few giggles recently, portraying winter footwear in Australia as nothing more than thongs (flip-flops) with socks.

In some parts of our sunburnt country, this is nothing short of the truth. Winter boots are far from anyone's wardrobe in the Northern Territory, Far North Queensland and parts of Western Australia.

On the other hand, us Southern folk are not blessed with warm winter weather and boots are more of a necessity than a fashion statement. I, for one, do not consider winter to have truly arrived until I have dusted off my ol' Australian Ugg Boots. I must confess, my Uggs were not purchased second hand, they were picked from a store in St Kilda when I first arrived in the country. 8 years of wear and still in pretty fine shape I made add, which isn't bad going for any pair of shoes.  Australian Ugg Boots are one of the few brands of boots that are still made in Australia

:: The Family of Ugg Wearer's ::

Country Road top from Salvos

I know some folk turn their nose up at the thought of wearing the infamous Aussie boot out of the house, but I totally embrace my Australian Ugg Boots and I'm not shy to wear them out in public either.  I put the Ugg question out to my Facebook friends asking if they, too, own a pair of Australian Ugg Boots, and if so, do they wear them out of the house. I received a mix bag of answers, ranging from a "Hell, no" to owning or wearing Uggs through to "Absolutely! I own two pairs" although most would not admit to wearing their Sheepskin's out, restricting their Australian Ugg Boots to the comfort of their own homes.

For a bit of fun, I've put together a poll, to ask you the same question. Feel free to comment too. I'd love to know if you embrace the Ugg.


Would/do you wear Uggs out of the house? free polls

If you would like to check out the full range of Australian Ugg Boots you can do so here.

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AdinB said...

Okay, I wish I had a pair of these Ugg boots. There are times in the winter were I just feel like I want to wear a pair of boots that are so comfy, warm and plush. And yes, that's when going out and about. I wouldn't mind. You guys are adorable!

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