10 minute Trouser Hem Fix

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hong Kong based NGO Redress has a mission to promote environmental sustainability through fashion. In April, Redress challenges individuals to tackle clothing that needs repair through their initiative get Redressed. Most of us own clothes in our wardrobes that are in need of a little TLC, now is the time to get fixing.

This is a challenge that fits in with a quick sewing project I completed this week; a 10 minute trouser hem fix. I found a pair of high waist trousers in an op shop for just a dollar last month, they fit perfectly at the waist but were far too long for my short height - usual story. I put them aside, knowing I'd get around to fixing them someday - and I did, on Monday morning.

I've seen quite a few online tutorials to re-hem jeans using the existing hem, the result is excellent and far easier than re-hemming after a cut. Surely if you can do this with jeans, you could do the same with trousers too?  Well yes, you can, in just 10 minutes.  Here is the before and after:

:: 10 minute Trouser Hem Fix ::

Here is how:

Step 1 Decide where you would like your hem, and fold up the existing hem to desired length.

:: fold existing to desired length ::

Step 2 Pin desired hem length in place

Step 3 Sew a straight line just under the existing cuff

Step 4 Try on for size, fold down your cuff to make sure you are happy with your new hem length.  If you are happy with your length, cut excess fabric away from your stitched line with pinking shears.

Step 5 Iron and wear

Hooray for easy yet practical sewing projects.



Agy said...

happy to see you board! Love those red shoes :-)

Patti said...

Easy! Love that jacket.

Unknown said...

I always have to re-hem pants. I don't have a sewing machine, so I do it by hand.

Next project: get the heels of my boots shortened. Boots fit well, but heels are too high for my arthritic knees. Don't want to deal with boot shopping, so going to get these altered.

After that, I hope to fix some sleeves - I have a dress with these weird sleeves, they are standard half way down by bicep, and then they come out into a bell that stops below my elbow. The plan is to chop off the bells, and 'hem' the remaining fabric (which will be a tiny bit) so the sleeves are more my style. The dress cost $4, and I didn't love the sleeves, but the fabric, the style and the fit - oh my!!! I figured I could fix the sleeves, I just haven't got there yet........

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