An Outfit For The Circus

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spiegelworld's EMPIRE opened at the Crown Rooftop in Melbourne on Thursday night, and my husband and I had the privilege of attending.

For those unaware of the wonderous world of Spigel, it is a performance unlike any other, a sassy theatrobatic circus filled with a mix of burlesque, cabaret, acrobatics, and slapstick comedy.

I had a moment where I honestly didn't know what to wear to an evening circus. Would a frock be too much? Would jeans be too casual? Would I be comfortable in heels?

I settled on an outfit based on an op shopped blouse, kitten heels, and a pair of colourful leggings.  Not just any old leggings I might add, these ZOYZ leggings are from Zoya Kraus, an Australian artist based in the Blue Mountains, NSW.  Zoya has been selling her beautiful art printed leggings since October 2013.  This particular pair I have, named Bright Sparks are printed repeatedly with the iconic Aussie cockatoo.

 :: ZOYZ Leggings ::

ZOYZ leggings are not made with recycled material, but are Australian designed and ethically made, you can check out more of her designs here, read an interview with Zoya here, and Melbourne folk will be pleased to hear they are available to buy through the Vintage Garage in Collingwood.

:: An Outfit for The Circus ::

The black blouse I wore, purchased at Vinnies in Ringwood after its recent refit, is just the right length to wear with leggings.

 :: Crown Rooftop, Melbourne ::

And lastly, my pointy heeled kitten heeled lace-ups, found at a local school frock swap last year, were the most comfortable choice to match the outfit.

I loved everything about last night, Spiegelworld is almost impossible to put into words, but I did manage to throw some sentences together, you can read my review on weekendnotes.

What would you wear to the circus?



Kazza said...

I would probably not go to a traditional circus (but like the idea of Moulin Rouge), but if I did I would definitely wear a tutu. I adore tutus, probably a long tutu with tight fitting top and comfortable heels.

Glad you had a lovely fun night out and thanks for sharing.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Did you say circus?!!! I love your cockatoo leggings Erica, you looking absolutely GORGEOUS! xoxo

littlelala said...

So I'm totally buying these exact pair of Zoyz does the size run? also in length. thanks so much!

uwildbeauty said...

Hi littlelala

My name is Zoya and i design/make ZOYZ leggings. If you would like to buy please go to link here
Or Etsy
I have sizes:
I can do 3 lengths- 3/4, full length and hotpants. The length is slightly longer than average... wouldnt you agree Louise??
I have 4 other prints too...
Any further questions... contact via web xx

uwildbeauty said...

Hi littlelala

My name is Zoya... im owner of ZOYZ.

We have sizes:


Can do custom lengths/sizes but generally they run slightly longer than average. Would you agree Erica?

To buy pls go to:

Cheers zoya x

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