Ruffle Rah-rah Skirts

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Anyone familiar with 1980's fashion, will be acquainted with short layered skirts that were popular at the time; Rah-rah skirts

Apparently, Rah-rah skirts were originally worn on the bottom half of a cheer-leading uniform, which then became a fashion trend in the early 1980's.

Rah-rah skirts are not as common as they were in the 80's, however, they do look super cute on little girls, a great example seen here.

Earlier blog readers may remember a ruffle skirt I made for a little girl a few years ago, using a bunch of old t-shirts and jersey fabric.  If you didn't see it, here is the blog post.

Using the same pattern, but this time using strips of leftover fabric rather than old t-shirts, I've made a Rah-rah skirt for a friend's 3yr old daughter.

Sadly the pattern I've used is no longer available to buy through, but if any readers wanted to know how to sew a ruffle from a strip of fabric, please leave a comment below and I'll write up a quick tutorial.



two birds said...

adorable!!!! i love how it turned out!

Cassandra Louise said...

Oh! Very cute! I had a lot of those skirts when I was little in the late '80s, but I actually never knew what the style was called. :-D

Kitty Greene said...

That's a very pretty skirt, that little girl looks so cute in it. Bet she was so pleased

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

That is gorgeous, my five year old would love a rah-rah skirt :)

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