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Monday, November 11, 2013

A brief interruption on my blog break to introduce a great project which has launched on Kickstarter. Retrash, a coffee table book printed on 100% recycled paper "inspiring a more sustainable planet", showcases the lives of more than 80 artists and creative thinkers around the world that are involved in the upcycling movement.

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Born from the website, this is not an overnight project, but is one that has taken three years to develop. Retrash brings the best upcycling and environmentally focused ideas, aiming to inspire others to reduce consumption of new materials.

On the fashion front, there is a dedicated section in Retrash focused on fabric and fashion. The artists in collaboration within this chapter are:

Retrash is finished, ready for print and will be published in New York. The book will retail for $39.95 but Kickstarter backers can back the project for $35 and receive a copy with free shipping worldwide.

This 30 day Kickstarter campaign aims to make Retrash accessible to as many people as possible, and hopes to raise $33,400 USD to print and distribute 5,000 copies.

If you are interested in backing Retrash on Kickstarter you can do so here, and you can follow the community here.


Disclaimer: this blog post is not sponsored, Nathan Devine (Founder of Retrash) has no clue who I am, I just happen to think his book sounds ace!

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