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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I recently revived an older blog post topic on social media, the story behind Havaianas and the remarkable consumer domination they appear to have on the summer shoe market. The prompt behind the initial blog post occurred after a second hand purchase of a pair of Havaianas on eBay.

Etiko, a fairtrade and ethical clothing and footwear brand based in Melbourne, responded to this on twitter by confirming my sentiments that Havaianas are perhaps not the most environmentally friendly choice of summer footwear.

Etiko are working on the promotion of their new range of ethical thongs (to all non-Australian readers, I refer to Y-Shaped flip-flip footwear, not scanty underwear!) that are available now in time for the Australian summer.

They are called "Thongs for Good" and come in four styles and colours; white, green, blue and black.  Each style represents a corresponding charity which receives a donation for every pair sold. Etiko's thongs are made from natural and recycled rubber, with no PVC, and are therefore good for the environment too.

Fact: Etiko Fairtrade recently scored A+, the highest score of any fashion brand in the 2013 Australian Ethical Fashion Report.

Etiko kindly sent a pair of their black Orangutan Project Thongs in the mail for review, made from a blend of natural and recycled rubber:

Not only do Etiko pay a fair trade premium to the workers involved in the production of their shoes, but each purchase of the Orangutan Project Thongs helps fund the great work of The Orangutan Project, supporting the rehabilitating and reintroducing displaced orangutans back into the wild. How good is that?

What are my thoughts on wearing Etiko's "Thongs for Good"? When it comes to summer sandals, it is all about comfort. I usually find that other brands of new thongs are painful to wear in the first few weeks of purchase due to rubbing on my skin. With Etiko's "Thongs for Good" I did not experience any aggravation, not even from day one, and wear them frequently with comfort. I like the way they look too:

I am converted from my usual choice of thong, and would highly recommend a pair of Etiko's "Thongs for Good" over other brands. I am also able to offer the chance for another Recycled Fashion reader (Australian readers only, sorry) to try out a pair of ethical thongs too, as Etiko have kindly offered to giveaway a pair of natural and recycled rubber "Thongs for Good" to one Recycled Fashion reader.

To enter the giveaway, simply answer the following question in a comment below, and hop on over to Etiko Fairtrade's facebook page for a like.

"How would you style your outfit whilst wearing a pair of Etiko's Thongs for Good?"

Thongs and style are often not thought of in the same sentence, but what I would like to know, is how you'd put an outfit together wearing your ethical summer shoes. Most creative answer wins, judged by Etiko. The winner will choose their style and size. Please provide a way that we can contact you in your comment.

Giveaway will end in one week from now on 31 October, a winner will be contacted on 1 November 2013.

Etiko can also be followed on:

Twitter: @etikofairtrade
Instagram: @etikofairtrade


Disclaimer: this blog post is not sponsored, I received a pair of "Thongs for Good" for review, all views are my own.

* UPDATE Contest closed, Etiko has chosen Emily Uebergang as the winner *


Something Else said...

These are great. Definitely going to go for them for my next pair of thongs. Aggh - I don't have a facebook account for a like, but I will comment....I would wear them with a fab white cotton sundress and sleeveless denim vest - both of which I picked up at Vinnie's Gladesville, tie my hair up in a vintage Fiji scarf that I got at Gladesville Salvo's, sling my bag made from two vintage aprons over my shoulder and head to Dee Why beach for brekky. YAY!

Iliska Dreams said...

Thongs are part of the Australian summer uniform, so I wouldn't have to specially style an outfit. How can pluggers not compliment every Aussie foot? About the only thing I would do is make sure my toe nail polish was fresh and matched!

Jo (down to earth mother) said...

Up here in Queensland we don't so much style our thongs as live in them. Mine are always waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, ready to walk to the park, hit the beach, visit friends or catch a movie. Black thongs are "going out shoes", which I would style with an op-shopped dress and bright red toenails. x

Unknown said...

My thongs totally need an overhaul as I've worn them to the ground and a new Etiko pair are a great incentive to give my feet a makeover while I'm at it! A foot spa at home would be just the treat; including a homemade salt scrub, a natural foot soak with some essential oils, and a nice clip and polish. I have the perfect 70's high waste shorts my mum passed down to me as my outfit of choice! Paired with a sweet second-hand boho singlet I got from Vinnie's last year and that I cropped myself, it would match lovely with the Orangutan Project Thongs (I love red!) Thongs can totally be dressed up or down when in QLD but this particular outfit is certainly beach worthy! :-)

Isis said...

It's great that there are an option for ethical thongs, but are they good quality? I bought a pair of Etiko shoes and they were the worst quality shoe. I got two wears out of them before they were falling apart! I'd be really interested to know how the quality of these compare to other thongs. Because in the end, what's the point of 'ethical' if it's not quality?

Unknown said...

@isis interesting feedback, thanks for your comment. I have to say that I'm really impressed with the quality of my Thongs for Good, I've been wearing them out most days, and so far so good

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