Shopping for Maternity Clothes at Vinnies Ringwood

Monday, September 16, 2013

Occasionally, we may see Australian Op Shops reorganise their store layout in small ways.  This could be as simple as moving a few racks around, or replacing winter with summer clothes depending on the season.

Sometimes, larger stores might be lucky enough to undergo a complete facelift, which has recently taken place at Vinnies Victoria in Ringwood.

This is the first time Vinnies Victoria has partaken in a project so big, renovations commenced 18 months ago with the store being split into two halves so it could continue to trade while redevelopments took place.

With the help of the Red Design Group, an interior design firm that have previously worked with high profile retailers on projects such as the Myer Basement in Bourke St, Henry Bucks and Mimco flagship stores, Vinnies Victoria in Ringwood has been reworked to capture lovers of vintage fashion.

It isn't every day one gets invited to visit a freshly made-over Vinnies Victoria Op Shop, with the added incentive to partake in a little shopping at the store.  Because Ringwood is quite far from where I live, this is the first time visiting.  I didn't get to see this particular branch before renovations started (although you can see a 'before' picture on Leeyong's blog here), but what I can say is how welcoming the store is now, with its open space, bright light and overall cleanliness.

Did I mention its size?  After renovations, Vinnies Victoria in Ringwood now accommodates 200% more clothes than it did before.  Wow. Any fan of recycled fashion has got to appreciate that.

:: Dedicated 'Vintage Wardrobe' Section ::

 Spending a good hour in the store I found many treasures, the furniture I didn't take home but admired:

:: Vintage Couches ::

:: Stunning Wicker Cane Furniture Set ::

A large collection of African metal lady statues I found intriguing, each costing $3.  There must be an interesting story as to why they are here?  The wonder of thrift shopping:

:: African Metal Lady Statues ::

I spent most of my time in search of appropriate clothes to fit my 7 month pregnant frame, and must say, I had quite a lot of success. All of this lot:

:: Wardrobe Restock ::
None of my finds are specifically maternity wear, but instead are either softer around my waistline or a looser fit. Unfortunately the self timer on my camera is not cooperating with me, but I'll show you some of my favourite pieces:

:: Embroidered Black Top ::

:: Please excuse the blur ::

: Tulip Scarf for $3::

:: Faux Leather Jacket for $6 ::

:: Skinny Jeans with Stud Detail and Ankle Zips for $8 ::

:: Loose Fit Pastel Block Top for $5 ::

Pastels have appeared prominently on the catwalks of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2013 as seen here on Lady Melbourne's MSFW highlights.

 :: Sequin Shoes for $6 ::

Speaking of sequin shoes, sparkles always seem to put a smile on one's face, don't you think?  Sparkly toes on rainy days certainly make me happy!

I found all prices at Vinnies Victoria's Ringwood store very reasonable, only one item I came home with (not shown) cost $10, the rest between $3-$8.  I did spot a beautiful BOSS winter wool coat for $25 which I believe to be worth the price for a quality garment. 

:: Vinnies Reasonable Price Tags ::

The cost to refurbish a store does not come cheap, but I am sure will be worth the investment for Vinnies Victoria as their Ringwood store could be easily be categorised as one of the best.

Vinnies Victoria's Ringwood Store is located at 2/82 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday, and will be trading on Sundays from October.

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AdinB said...

You have some amazing finds and I love that top. :) Gotta love thrifting. :)

Kelly said...

Fantastic finds! I've been a regular at Ringwood Vinnies for years and always find great items there. I'm so glad to hear they'll be trading on Sundays soon!

Unknown said...

Adin - thank you, yes indeed, gotta love thrifting!
Kelly - Oh wow, you're a Ringwood Vinnies local then? Great! Wish I lived closer!

Unknown said...

WOW! What a selection - I'm so jealous! Love the new shoes. Cheers, Alison

cookiecrumbs said...

What a great makeoever, I shall have to try to get out to Ringwood for a look!

Max said...

Hi Erica! Wow, that place looks amazing, and good to hear the prices haven't been hiked which would have been my main concern! op-shopping is such a god-send for preggy clothes, and in my case post-preggy haven't lost an ounce so STILL dont fit my normal clothes shopping! i found an awesome dress that skims the ol' tummy and I can breastfeed in today, stoked!
those sparkle shoes are gorgeous x

Schulz Family said...

visiting from op shop show off. That looks like an awesome store

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