Socks and Heels

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Socks worn with flat sandals have always been considered a fashion faux pas, and are definitely not categorised as cool.  The majority of fashion followers can be a little sensitive about it, and shun the idea of wearing this particular choice of foot wear.

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Yet, over the past few years, we have seen women wearing both ankle and knee length socks with their heeled sandals, pumps, and peep toes.  The trend starting with high end designers matching their expensive shoes with socks on the runway in 2010 and 2011

It is apparently acceptable to wear socks with high heels, but still not cool to wear socks with sandals; fashion in all its fickleness!

Socks with granny heels, lol

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The idea of combining socks and heels may be practical in cooler weather, but what do we really think about it?

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Here is my take on socks and heels, wearing my thrifted peach Ann Taylor Loft heeled sandals (which featured on one of my very first blog posts).  The socks and heels combination I have chosen, is not too dissimilar to those seen on pinterest.

I don't know if I embrace the idea or not.  I can't decide if the combination of heels with socks look cute, or childlike.  What are your thoughts on socks worn with heels?



Iliska Dreams said...

I do not even own a par of heels, so I can easily say I will never wear this combo. However, Tamika has and it look good with the 'right' outfit.

List Addict said...

I am so daggy that I love this combo!! I am wearing socks with my brand new Jelly Beans today. I am trying to be confident and cool but I know I look silly. I don't mind. They are so fabulous and I dont want to wait for summer to wear them. Yours look awesome. You go girl.

Unknown said...

I love the child likeness about it!!

Judy C said...

I'm just too old. I remember being told to wear jeans under a skirt because of the cold. Likewise socks. But never with sandals because you'd never wear them in cold weather.

Patti said...

I love the whimsical look, but fear I am too far mutton! : >

allmylivesnow said...

Not for me. I think if you want that type of look wear boots. Fashion is fickle, which is why old is new again and odd is even. ;)

Barbara @

Sarah said...

I love this! and actually since visiting melbs last week and seeing the array of funky polka dot socks I have completely jumped on this bandwagon of appreaciating SOCKS. Though I have been researching where to find GOOD socks that are colourful and funky and not made in china. sigh. I have flat sandals I think im going to try it out..they wont look as good as heels but still I think that dawky image can appear as cute too. Just so long as my Dad doesnt think he is cool again and starts wearing it again. . .

Urban Girl said...

I think you chose just the right sock to make this "youthful trend" look feminine with a touch of sophistication. Great colours also!

I'll say it "Nice sock and sandal combo!" Bravo!

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