Finding Second Hand Fashion When You Least Expect It

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Having children means that weekend lie-in's don't really happen, but that's not such a bad thing when there are Sunday markets to get up early for!  One of my regular Sunday morning haunts is a small market held in Cheltenham, Melbourne's South East.  I've published an article dedicated to the market on weekendnotes.

Cheltenham Rotary Market is a bit of a mishmash, with generic flea market stalls selling bric-a-brac and homewares, second-hand clothing and toys, as well as fresh flowers, free range eggs, a selection of home baked cakes and bread, soaps and pre-loved jewellery.

I try to get to the market every fortnight to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables.  There are a few stallholders at Cheltenham Rotary Market that sell fruit and vegetables from their own gardens; fresh, organic, and reasonably priced.  It isn't so much the price that attracts me to the market, than the fact that I'd rather give my money to people earning a small living from their market stall each weekend than large corporate grocery chains.  One of my favourite stallholders happens to be a 77yr old lady that gets up early every Sunday to get to the market.  I find her home grown produce lasts much longer than that purchased in grocery stores.
As I stocked up on my fortnightly fresh produce last Sunday, my eye caught a stall selling second-hand clothing for 50c a piece.  After a quick rifle through, I spot a vintage white and blue check tweed skirt.  I use the term vintage loosely, because I don't know the age of the skirt, nor the size (no tag, originally handmade).  I bought the skirt and took it home with my veggies, hardly worrying about the extra 50c I'd spent on it.

To my utter surprise, the skirt fits.  I am quite thrilled, because my wardrobe is becoming quite limited as my pregnancy reaches its third trimester.

Wouldn't you know it, recycled fashion when you least expect it!

Tell me readers, have you happened upon a second-hand fashion gem in the unlikeliest of places?  Do tell!



Unknown said...

Good one. I used to enjoy strolling down to that market. Got the best dolls house made by a 90 year old once. Well done.

Recycled Crafts and Ideas said...

Years back I helped a friend dispose of items left to her after her mother passed. She was bagging up clothes to go in the trash stating they were old and out of style. I asked if I may shop what she was getting rid of and found a grey wool hat that I still have today! Funny thing is the style is back in now!

Patti said...

Good shopping, Erica! I think the skirt is 80's, which makes it vintage indeed. It looks very much like ones I had when I worked in the corporate world, but it looks much better on you now!

Zoe said...

Such a beautiful skirt and only 50 cents? Bargains like that don't come around very often!

Anonymous said...

Cool find lovely. Goodness yes I've had finds in all the unlikeliest of places over the years. Good luck with continuing to dress around your gorgeous growing bump. I just did a round up pot on the blog of my pregnancy style. I'm so thrilled that a styled true to style without throwing in the towel with frustration an buying retail just so I'd have it easier through the pregnancy.

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