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Saturday, August 10, 2013

In my years of second hand shopping, I had yet to embrace consignment stores, mainly as I am an avid op shopper and market browser, finding fashion on the absolute cheap.

After attending a blogger's promotional event at Red Finch Boutique last night, providing an insight into the world of pre-loved high end fashion labels, I have warmed to the idea of shopping in consignment stores.

The owner's passion for Red Finch Boutique is evident.  Sarah Woolway opened her store in Eltham, Melbourne's North East, after 21 years being a full time mother to her two children. Sarah grew up in a little town called Marblehead, just outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Her family moved frequently, finally settling in Melbourne, Australia.

Sarah Woolway 

Realising the time would soon come when her grown up daughters would fly the nest, Sarah embarked upon a brave new adventure, to open an exclusive store selling pre-loved designer and top labels. Red Finch Boutique opened its doors to the public a year ago, providing a beautiful space for women to sell their special, too good to give away pieces.  In turn, Red Finch Boutique offers the buyer near new and second flight designer and top label fashions, presented in a beautiful shop space within the leafy suburban Melbourne town of Eltham.

Walking into a consignment store compared to that of my overly familiar thrifty charity shop, would of course be a completely different experience.  Browsing the racks of well presented high quality pre-loved clothes in Red Finch Boutique is just as much of an experience as taking home a new-to-you beloved piece.

We were treated to a Spring Racing Fashion Show on the night, showcasing some of the outfits available to buy in Red Finch Boutique:

Thanks to Laura (A Little Boutique Near Home) for sharing her photographs

Yes there are certainly much higher prices than I am used to in op shops, which can be expected of labels such as Chanel, but I did find a selection of affordable quality items that would not break the bank.

 Chanel Shoes

I did walk away with a few gems, a parrot print sleeveless top for $20 that I couldn't say no to, and some ceramic necklace pendants, made from broken pieces of plate all the way from Shanghai.

Sneaky snap by by Laura!


Parrot Top from Red Finch Boutique

Ceramic Broken Crockery Pendants

What I have come to appreciate with consignment store shopping, is not just the quality of clothes, but also that someone else will be able to earn a little bit of extra cash from their previously loved garment, and that quality pieces will find their way into new wardrobes.

If you find yourself in Melbourne's North East, do pay Sarah's beautiful shop Red Finch Boutique a visit, which can be found at 902a Main Road, Eltham, otherwise you can find Red Finch Boutique via the usual social media haunts; online, facebook, twitter and instagram.

Tell me readers, do you shop at consignment stores, and if so, where are your favourites?



Patti said...

Love the parrot top! Wish I could visit this shop : >

Anonymous said...

I don't shop at consignments stores but certainly would for a special genuine pieces. Sometimes if you really want a genuine piece that of an era certainly when you're looking at 1950's and earlier you have to be prepared to part with the cash for quality pieces.

photosarah said...

I recently made my first real purchase from a consignment store. I paid $16 for a brand name suit dress with tags that was originally $150 in the store. I did find I lot of items I felt were overpriced for something that had been worn before, and feel like I can get far better deals at yard sales, thrift stores and even clearance racks at the mall, but there were enough interesting things at relatively reasonable prices to keep me coming back every once in a while. I had gone because my last thrift store trip made me want a more cultivated store instead of a hodge podge of whatever people wanted to donate.

jenny_o said...

Our two local consignment shops are very low-end compared to ones like this - but they are in my price range so it's fine with me :)

Natalia said...

I wish I knew how to make those pendants! A great use for salvaging what would be thrown out. And beautiful! I imagine a bracelet with loads of these as charms....(would have to be smallish ones, though.)

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