Body Changes and Favourite Op Shops

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Readers, do you sometimes find that you choose a second hand item because of one tiny aspect of it?  I'll give you an example, I found a mint green cardigan in an Op Shop at the weekend, where all clothing on the day happened to be half price, so in this case it cost me $4.

Mint green is one of my favourite colours, and could have been my initial attraction to it, but what I really fell in love with, was the cardi's adorable little granny buttons.

:: Granny buttons ::

Right now, I've almost reached my third pregnancy trimester; the last hurdle.  Blessed that I am to have such a great pregnancy, and to even be pregnant in the first place, I am also quite self conscious about my current body shape.

My body is heavy, and I feel so round in the middle.  Silly really to feel so self conscious when I'm growing a child, nevertheless, I can't help but feel that I resemble a toy frequently found in the 70's and 80's; a weeble wobble!  My thrifted cardigan choice also doubles as a cover up.

:: Weeble wobble! ::

Being that I am in the final pregnancy stage, this also means my very last Op Shop tour will be next Saturday 31st August.

Two of my all time favourite Op Shops shared on instagram last week, after Perth Fashion Festival's Restyle 2013 Challenge, Day 16 prompt "Op Shop Love", are part of my Bayside tour:

L-R clockwise.

Store: Sacred Heart, St Kilda
Why its a favourite:  Tucked away in a side street from the main hustle and bustle of busy St Kilda, this is a medium sized store that is easy to like.  I tend to find quality original vintage clothing here, for quite reasonable prices.  The background music on some of my visits has also been quite the enjoyable entertainment. (Bob Marley anyone?!)

Store: Savers, Frankston
Why its a favourite:  Savers Australia is not your typical Op Shop. Savers thrift stores pay not-for-profit organisations, such as Diabetes Australia-Victoria and the YMCA for used clothing.  Savers is a recycled clothing retailer, and it is huge.  The Frankston store sits on two floors, with an elevator and escalators. The reason Savers Frankston is a personal favourite, is due to the volume of used goods available to buy, and the organisation of size and colour (plus it isn't too far from where I live).  Of course I'm partial to a good old rummage in an Op Shop, the majority of the time that's what I'd rather do.  Although sometimes if I'm looking for one item in particular, I'll go to Savers, usually I'll find what I'm looking for there.

UPDATE October 2013: Savers in Frankston has sadly closed its doors to the public, but I've put together an article Top Op Shopping in Frankston with the alternatives to Savers should you find yourself in Melbourne's southern suburb here.

Store: All Souls, Sandringham (visited on my Bayside tour)
Why its a favourite:  This is a gorgeous little Op Shop associated with a local church.  The women volunteers that work at All Souls Op Shop are friendly, sociable, and always up for a chit chat.  Call me frugal, but the price tags are incredible too, certainly some of the lowest you'll find in the suburbs with most items rarely costing more than $5.

Store: Storehouse, Hampton (visited on my Bayside tour)
Why its a favourite:  Hampton lets say, is a relatively well-heeled suburb, and there's a lot to be said for thrifting in a prosperous part of town.  The quality of clothing is pretty darn good in this little store, high end labels are common if that's your thing.  Second hand designer labels are certainly not a personal preference, but I do still buy the occasional designer label, if I happen upon it second hand. (more on that topic here)

If you'd like to join me weeble wobble my way through my final Bayside Op Shop tour, you can book onto it here.

Readers, where are your favourite Op Shops, Thrift Stores or Charity Shops and why?



Iliska Dreams said...

$4! What an amazing find, plus those buttons are gorgeous. Yes, get over yourself you have a whole human inside of you. You are doing an amazing thing, I say embrace the wobble. But then I would LOVE to be able to have another baby. So while pregnant with Jarvis I was thrilled to have every wobble, every nauseous moment because it meant a baby!

two birds said...

i buy things all the time because of one aspect...but only if they are thrifted!! i love your cardigan. and you should never be self conscious of your gorgeous pregnant body!!! you are beautiful!

Something Else said...

Such a cute cardi and totally ditto - you look divine. Being pregnant is fanTASTIC. I loved it. And I would love to check out your fave opshops one day.

Patti said...

Ah, I'd love to travel to your op-shops, Erica. I think you look absolutely beautiful! Great little cardigan too.

nathalie said...

storehouse, yes! one of my other faves was always one in elsternwick. the very last one on the main strip. i think it may be a 'sacred heart' as well.

Unknown said...

Love the cardi, the belly and the buttons. Getting exciting now Erica!

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