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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Freecycle concept began in Tucson, Arizona in 2003.  The idea being to save perfectly good items from being thrown away, by sharing within the local community.  The concept has now spread to over 85 countries, in which thousands of communities share their unwanted goods with each other.

I belong to my local Freecycle community, and have signed up to receive email notifications whenever others put out messages advising of their unwanted goods.  Occasionally, something pretty exciting comes up but when it does, I have to be quick!

An email popped into my inbox; a lady within a 10km radius giving away jersey fabric for sewing that she no longer wanted, and within that batch, some comic printed material.  I got onto this one quick smart, and collected the following day:

:: Freecycled Comic Fabric ::

The lady giving away this fabric had intentions to make it into PJ's for her children, but didn't get around to it; her children are now much older.  Being that the fabric has stretch, it could be made into a casual t-shirt or similar.

My first project started with a baby onesie for our new family addition:

 :: Comic Fabric Onesie, Size 3 months ::

I followed a free tutorial and pattern by Shwin&Shwin, which I must thank Agy for after sharing the project on her facebook page.

:: Printed onesie pattern by Shwin&Shwin ::

After sharing a photograph of the above on instagram, Julie mentioned that she'd love a dress in this fabric, which inspired me to make something for myself.

It is no secret that I've been obsessing over printed leggings, dedicating a previous blog post inspired to make a pair.  I've bitten the bullet, following Crafty Gemini's excellent YouTube instructional video How To Make Leggings - DIY Tutorial (using an existing pair of leggings as a template), and made some comic book leggings for myself.  

:: Using existing leggings as template to draft pattern ::

:: Fabric cut, ready to sew ::

:: Lucky 50c elastic find in the op shop for the waistband ::

:: Complete comic fabric leggings ::

:: Worn with Cohen et Sabine thrifted heels ::

:: Worn with Op Shopped Converse ::

For added maternity comfort, I later added a band of ribbing to the elastic waistline, which is easier and much more comfortable on my expanding belly.

:: Added ribbing to waistband ::

And lastly, I drafted my own triangles and made bunting flags as a decoration for the baby's new room, using contrasting citrus Ikea fabric scraps.

:: Comic Fabric Bunting Flags ::

And the good news is, I still have metres of comic fabric left to make more.  What else could I make, do you have any ideas?

Do you belong to your local Freecycle group?  If not, you should!

I am also including a link in below to allow you to share your own recycled fashion finds, feel free to link in your own thrifty fashion finds or creations!


PS. Still time to enter the current blog giveaway to win a custom made dress made from a pair of jeans c/o Re-Fashioned. 


Patti said...

Great recycling, Erica - love those leggings. Thanks for the linkup!

Bobbi said...

Great leggings! My local freecycle rarely has anything so I'm jealous of your good score. Could you make a small tee or two for the baby as it grows?

Jenn@Sweet T Makes Three said...

Coolness! Now you and baby can match.

Nell Escalante said...

I love that comic print knit fabric and you sure used it well! My favorite are the leggings.

Iliska Dreams said...

The leggings and onsie look amazing! I would either go with Bobbi's suggestion. Or you could make another onsie as a giveaway, any Mumma would be thrilled to ave something as cute as this.

tess said...

all wonderful and whimsical, you have a lot of get up and go

tess said...



The onesie is gorgeous as too is the bunting. The leggings are fabulous and I like how you can dress them up when wearing boots or dress them down for a casual look with sneakers.

Laura said...

Your leggings are awesome, Erica! Each project is fantastic.

Agy said...

leggings are very comfortable and your comic ones look great. Makes you look like a trendy mom!

Sarah said...

rad leggings and super resourceful look how many awesome things came out of something otherwise thrown away. LOVE IT

Kazz said...

Great job, love them.

Anonymous said...

The onesie is so cute! And I really like the leggings! That's so cute fabric and you put it to good use! Great work!

Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

ari said...

These are incredible! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Pretty sure you've got this sewing thing down!

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