Fixing Holes in Jeans

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Published on The Thrifty Issue, 2 July 2013

Some jeans look great with holes in them, you could say its their fashion destiny. Other jeans do not look so great in disrepair.

My favourite pair of jeans, have 'distressed' rips as part of their design. I wear them a lot:

:: Beloved jeans with distressed rips ::

As a result of my frequent wear, the tears have become small holes. I shouldn't be too bothered, but I actually wear them quite a lot in winter, and my legs get cold with holey jeans!

:: Distressed rips become holes ::

I've patched up holey jeans before with upholstery patches, and fabric scrap square patches for my sons jeans to lengthen them, but this time wanted to keep the style of my original jeans without evidently patching.

When I saw a blog post on Handmaker's Factory; Mend your Jeans, I thought I'd give it a go.  I have a little piece of denim fabric that I picked up in an op shop, not the same colour as my jeans, but I didn't think that would matter.

Following the steps on Handmaker's Factory, here's how I fixed my holes:

:: Hole with denim fabric ::

:: Cut denim to appropriate patch size ::

 :: Pin in place underneath hole, and machine sew in random straight lines to hold in place ::

:: View of the underside of machine stitched patch ::

:: Hooray, no more holey jeans and warm legs ::

This is such a great idea to prolong the wear out of torn jeans rather than ditching them, particularly for kids jeans that tear much more quickly than adults. Big thanks to the Handmaker's Factory for the brilliant idea and easy tutorial.


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Patti said...

I have mended a few pairs of my favorite jeans--sometimes they are just too comfortable to give away!

Agy said...

Ah... patching them from the inside and still retaining the look!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a torn jean type type chick but I it's a eat trick and it looks good. By the way I love your boots Hun. X

Oh whoops I just realised I owe you an email don't I. I'm so sorry I'll get onto that today. My apologises so sorry.

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