Ettitude Bamboo Vest and Giveaway

Friday, July 26, 2013

Usually, my personal choice for clothing apparel would be a piece already in existence; recycled, second-hand fashion.  However, there are times when choosing a garment made with a sustainable fabric would be the way to go, underwear is a perfect example of this.

I often feel challenged with choices when it comes to buying undergarments, preferring not to buy from retail outlets with questionable ethics, and I am certainly not skilled enough to make my own.

Bamboo fibre is considered a more sustainable fabric than most textile fibres, which has been growing in popularity in recent years. From an environmental view point, bamboo textile tends to be a chosen fabric over cotton, as bamboo does not require large amounts of pesticides that cotton does.

Ettitude, an online site selling ethical goods specialising in bamboo fibre products sent me a Bamboo Singlet vest in the mail to try out.

"Ettitude is proud to introduce our new bamboo singlets and tshirt range for women. Made from bamboo, a renewable resource and an eco friendly fabric, bamboo fiber's natural properties mean our clothing is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Bamboo's anti bacterial and thermo regulating qualities ensure that moisture is wicked away from your body, keeping you cool and fresh all day"

Material: 95% bamboo 5% spandex , 200gsm

Being in the midst of a cold snap in Melbourne winter, I will often wear a vest under my chosen daily outfit to keep myself warm.  Now of course you can't see it here, but I wore my bamboo vest under my winter clothes visiting Lake Mountain Alpine Resort with the family:

:: A visit to the snow, is not complete without a snow angel, right? ::

It is hard to comprehend how such a hard piece of natural material can be broken down to such a soft textile, but it can.  I am impressed with its comfort, it fits well, and feels really nice to wear against my skin.  Kept me nice and toasty in the snow too.  My new bamboo vest is a welcomed undergarment accessory.

I have a second bamboo vest to giveaway to a Recycled Fashion reader, so you too can test out bamboo fibre against your skin.  The vest is white, in size 12 Australian, check for sizing measurements here

To be in for the drawer to win, leave a comment below with your suggestions for sourcing ethical underwear.  The giveaway is open to international readers, however I would send the vest without its tube packaging for those residing outside Australia to save on postage weight.

Contest open for one week, closing 3rd August 2013.

*UPDATE Competition now closed, and the winner has been contacted *



Iliska Dreams said...

I would love to know how to source ethical underwear! Let me know if you get any good suggestions

Something Else said...

Oh, how I have searched far and wide for good underwear...I have made some underwear out of old tshirts....haha - that sounds so gross, doesn't it? Clean old tshirts. Of mine. However, that is about as far as I have got. There is some stuff online, but I really want to try bras on before I wear them....and I like matching sets. But all that aside..I am a white singlet addict, so I would love to try this bamboo one. Thanks!

tess said...

I have a collection of tee shirts I's like to sew up into underpinnings, pettipants,etc. My mother gave me 2 pair of undies made of the thickest most lovely cotton, never realized how flimsy my regular ones were. Seems like the kind of thing a person could whip up given a little practice.

Love your blog and good, creative ideas.

Debbie said...

Here's a post featuring some ethical undies:

(not my blog, but you can visit mine at

sapna said...

It needs lots of research on company's ethical code.Some companies clearly defines that and I always try to buy from them.

Hiras said...

Just a fact, that most men uses undergarments/shirts to keep those sweats off the front shirt they wear. The material used here seems to fit them. I think I'm gonna give it a go for my boyfriend, and as far as I've researched the material - It does what it says.

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