Bunth Clothing Upcycled Kids Blankets into Body Warmers

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hamburg based Salar Mousavi produces some of the most unique upcycled winter clothing pieces I've recently seen.  

His new label “bunth” the German synonym to colorful, (including the “h” to represent Hamburg) manufactures body warmers incorporating unique youthful imagery by repurposing former children's blankets into his designs.

Salar, born in Tehran, graduated with an architectural degree but followed his interest in everyday fashion to create bunth clothing. The idea Salar had to create his collection of unique body warmer clothing pieces came about after an inspirational road trip to the Atlantic coast.

bunth clothing launched this year, with his the release of his first Spring/Summer 2013 collection "old friends".

Salar shares some 'before' and 'in progress' images of the blankets he has used to create his collection:

Music stars Macklemore and Ryan Lewis of Thrift Shop fame poppin' some bunth backstage at a recent Splash Festival in Germany!:

The children's blankets used in bunth clothing designs are mostly placed in the back of each body warmer, which has more space to represent the story of each blanket.   Some blanket fabric is used on shoulder pads or pockets as a subtle addition.

All bunth clothing is handmade in the city of Hamburg, and retail for around 150 Euro each.

“These blankets have been too close to us during our childhood to be just forgotten now.”  Salar Mousav, bunth clothing, Hamburg.

Have you seen baby and children's blankets used in a fashion piece like this before? I certainly haven't, and find the concept very inspiring.

bunth clothing can be found online and you can follow Salar's label on facebook too.


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clever! and creative. thanks for sharing.

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