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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Published on The Thrifty Issue, 2 July 2013

I found myself with a new-to-me pair of boots last week.  This divine pair of ankle boots, grey, side buckle, with a really high wooden heel, in my size, sat behind the glass cabinet of Salvos in St Kilda.

White Boots_1

Of course a pair of boots displayed behind a glass cabinet, rather than on display on the ordinary shoe shelf, could only mean one thing; the boots were special!

Indeed I was right, the boots were Cohen et Sabine, a Sydney based ‘high end’ fashion label.  I know nothing of this particular label, but have since found out that Cohen et Sabine boots retail for approximately $295 brand new; in Salvos, they were a tenth of this price.

As I pay for my new-to-me lovelies, the gent behind the counter asks:

“You know the fault or issue with the shoes?”

“Fault? Oh, erm, no?”

“Well the label states ‘As Is’ which means there is a minor issue”

 As is Tag

“Oh I see, I didn’t know that” (I hadn’t taken note of the other Salvos label stuck to the sole of the shoe ‘As Is’)

“’As Is’ usually means something like a missing button, or small mark”

So I investigate the boots, and find what I assume to be the fault.  One heel has wear on it, which may require fixing at some point soon.  This does not worry me, as I know my tall boots will only be worn on special occasions.

So I ventured home with my new-to-me kicks, and a new lesson in op shopping; look carefully for minor faults on clothing and accessories in Salvos labelled ‘As-Is’.

White Boots_2

If you are happy with the fault you find, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy it; minor issues can usually be fixed.

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Iliska Dreams said...

Wow, what a lucky find.

Patti said...

great looking boots! and good, thoughtful shopping too.

Dad Down Under said...

We shop the same Salvo's - I can't believe I missed out on the boots!

Unknown said...

@Dad Down Under: I know, they would've suited you hehe

Unknown said...

Great boots Erica. I don't think I could walk in them though!

A Life Un-Styled said...

What a great find Erica! I'll have to hit up a few Melb op-shops when I'm over next month :)

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