Thursday, June 6, 2013

Usually, we find websites dedicated to selling used goods, or websites which advertise items to give away.  There is a new website called Swap Etc. that advertises used goods a little differently, to swap, sell, buy or borrow:

"At SwapEtc., you can swap, sell, buy or borrow with the people you know. We believe that swapping and borrowing work best when there's an element of trust and familiarity with the people involved. So we strongly encourage you to reach out to your friends and neighbors and form an online group on SwapEtc. 

You never know who needs what you have. At the very least, you've gotten yourself a new friend.
Don't have any goods in your name but you have a special talent in say, public speaking? Maybe being the presenter at your neighbor's wedding might just score you free use of their car while they're away on honeymoon. At Swap Etc., we say so long as you're sitting on stuff or you have skills (and everyone has a special knack for something), you have something to list." *Swapetc.com 

SwapEtc. is an online marketplace that allows members to list and share details of their items and services with their friends.

Items/services can be listed on SwapEtc. for free. Each listing entitles you to 2 images. If you wish to include more images, subsequent image will be charged at 1 credit each.

Because SwapEtc. operates on the concept that trading in used goods works best with the people you know, members are encouraged to connect and form groups with their friends – it’s like taking social networking to the next level. SwapEtc. also allows members to manage the exclusivity of their listings by allowing groups to be set as either public or private groups. Here’s an illustration from the site on how it works:

I browsed through SwapEtc.'s marketplace, specifically under the 'her' section, which brings up a list of used clothes listed for sale:

There are also baby items on the site – choice picks include the Ninna Nanna Bassinet and a Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker for nursing mums.

Another interesting feature that SwapEtc. offers is the multi –party swap transaction feature where more than 2 members are invited to a transaction in order to increase the chance that everyone can get what they want. If you wish to enter into short term transactions (or borrow – very useful for baby items), SwapEtc. also has a ‘borrow’ feature which lets you borrow items from your friends and allows you to manage inventory.

In order to swap, borrow, buy, or 'make an offer', you have to register first (this takes a few minutes, as I've just experienced).

The idea of swapping used goods is nothing new, but is rarely done in an online capacity.  Usually, we consider swapping at clothing exchange events and swap meets.  It is evident that the site is still in its infancy, but perhaps with a bit of word of mouth, the idea may take off. 

Check out SwapEtc.'s website for more details.


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Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful idea. I've had friends who have tried o instigate something similar on. Basic level off line with some system or organisation to it. But it's wonderful to see someone has sorted the kinks in such an idea and brought to the online marketplace.

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