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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A friend and his business partner, have recently launched a new apparel business.  This is no ordinary apparel business, selling no ordinary t-shirts.  Humanitees dare to be different, creating change.. through a t-shirt.

 Mike Korman (founder of Humanitees) says:

"Every time you make a consumer decision on what to buy you are voting. You are voting for the way you want the world to look. That is the power that we all have as consumers. Humanitees is about conscious consumerism, it's about asking questions such as, "Where does this product come from and how was it made?" 

Humanitees made with Certified Organic Cotton

Cotton has a variety of uses but is mainly used to create clothes.  There are a number of issues associated with non-organic cotton; the chemicals used in farming, water used in the process, and genetic modification, can cause a detrimental effect on the environment, and the farmer.

Founders Mike and Steve travelled to India to visit the cotton fields of Orissa, India, where certified organic cotton is sourced to make Humantiees:

"Our mission was to learn as much as we could about organically grown cotton in the short time we were there. More importantly, however, we were there to learn about the people who grew the cotton, harvested it, and transformed it into our lovely Humanitees and furthermore find a way we could use Humanitees to support their communities by investing in local projects."  Humanitees blog

Humanitees are Certified Fairtrade

Humanitees t-shirts are produced in Rajlakshmi, one of the few Fairtrade certified factories in India, regularly audited not just by the Fairtrade organisation but by a variety of organic textile bodies.

Humantiees support Grassroots Projects and Charitable Causes

Humanitees directors Mike and Steve made an initial contribution of $500 to plant vegetable and fruit gardens in remote village schools in the communities associated with the cotton fields producing organic material for Humanitees.

There is also a project to purchase cows for the farmers, an essential part of the farming process. The cow assists in every stage of production. They take the role of the tractor in working the land, their solid waste is the core ingredient in organic fertiliser and their urine forms the basis of an organic pesticide.

For every Humanitee purchased $1 goes directly to this project.

Humanitees also supports Kiva.  For every Humanitee sold, $1 is donated to Kiva.  This money goes to support those in the developing world who are trying to exit the cycle of poverty through creating their own business. 

Humanitees initiates Carbon Offsetting

The shipment of tees from India to Australia is offset by supporting renewable energy projects in India.  Humanitees are contributing to the BHL Biogas generation project in Uttar Pradesh. 
"We understand that extracting cotton from this crop, creating t­shirts from it and then delivering these around the globe has an impact on nature and the world we live in."  Humanitees
Humanitees are delivered in Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Humanitees are delivered in post-consumer recycled brown paper packaging (using local paper manufacturer Ecocern), and print all of their marketing material on recycled paper.

Humanitees Designs

There are eight Humanitees to choose from, each with an individual message supporting love, happiness, laughter, friendship and peace, or an additional simple tee for those that choose a subtle approach to promote conscious living and conscious consumerism.

:: Hugs ::

 :: Ice Cream ::
 :: Last Time ::

:: Simple ::

:: Smiley ::

Mr Recycled and I have each have a Humanitee, Mr Recycled chose the "Smiley", and I chose "Last Time", we love our tees!

Mr, Mrs and Junior Recycled's Humanitees!

Humanitees Strong Focus on Giving

Without a doubt, Humanitees strong focus lies on giving; giving back to the environment and giving back to others, and giving laughter, friendship and hapiness through tee messages. 

Humanitees are extending their love by generously giving away two Humanitees t-shirts to one Recycled Fashion reader.  

To enter the competition, we would ask that you answer the question:

"If you could give a Humanitee to someone who would it be and why?"

The 'best' answer will receive a free t-shirt for themselves and a free t-shirt for this person that they've mentioned in their answer.

  1. Humanitees is all about sharing and giving, therefore we would ask that you 'like' Humanitees on facebook and share on twitter if you have an account, share the contest with your friends to spread the love.
  2. Humanitees have requested to post the lucky winner's answer on Humanitees facebook timeline, as well as request a photograph of the winner with their happy recipient.
  3. Whilst this competition is open to a worldwide audience, if the winner is based outside of Australia, there will be a fee associated with postage. 
  4. the review and opinion provided in this blog post is unbiased and unpaid.
 The competition will remain open for two weeks, closing on 10 July 2013.   

:: UPDATE 10 July - Contest finished, winner (Mezzy) has been contacted ::



Iliska Dreams said...

Wow, what an amazing company! Love their ethos. I made a promise to myself no purchases for this year, but they make me want to break my promise. I would give one to my partner, Justin. Not only does he love his t-shirts, he looks sexy as in them. I would probably gift my t-shirt to Tamika (my 20 year old daughter). For a similar reason, who doesn't want to see a beautiful girl in a beautiful product.


It is usually the mother that teaches the child, but in my case it has been the child that has taught the mother. Amelia has taught me many lessons in life, while the biggest one of all is to smile and reach out to strangers. Yes she is my daughter but more importantly she is a child of the universe. Words do little justice to the incredible human being that she gas become. It is her actions that define her. She is inclusive regardless of age, colour, race or religion.She lives this ethos from the inside out. She lives a conscious life which reflects her love of humanity.

Jen's Crafting Just Because said...

I would give a shirt to each of my son who is 17 months old, to begin teaching him the core values this wonderful company hold dear.

Anonymous said...

What a good idea! Thank you for telling me about them, I will certainly be buying from them! I would like to give them as exchange student gifts to my host family because I think they would make an awesome hostess gift - charity and cuteness wrapped into one!

debbie said...

I would give a shirt to my husband. He's a big hugger so the 'I give free hugs' is perfect for him! We both have provided Kiva loans to men & women around the globe. These shirts would be great conversation starters to tell others about Kiva as well as Humanitees!

Sarah said...

Hello Hello, what an amazing day to read all about Humanitees. I am in awe of their amazingness as I strive to discover and encourage better ways to be a conscious consumer. I am going to share on my blog soon, in fact probably tomorrow with my 'hump-day hoo-ray' - great timing to have read this here. Ok so I would HAVE to get a tee for the most peace-loving, fair, hunungus smile of a human being I was lucky to have met 2 years ago - Mack. He wears his tees always with pride, selecting only the quirkiest and meaningful items to clothe his shoulders, often spending days plotting a quote to get printed on the back, investing in generating more smiles & chuckles for all - these are him to a tee (no pardoning that pun) I think the 'happiness is free' would be best, it suits his giant smile and his giant spirit. But I love the army tank with the flower - thats me hehe flower power!!

Unknown said...

I would give the 'ice-cream humanitee' to Izze the daughter of my lovely penfriend in the USA. Izze is 13 and already has strong ideas about her values and ethics. She would like to have a future working in world environmental issues. I admire this gutsy young lady and think she deserves your t-shirt.

Unknown said...

Dear everyone! Thank you so much for your warm and love filled comments! It was a pleasure for us here at Humanitees to read them all. We would like to congratulate Mezzy M for winning the two free Humanitees...although we would love to give away tees to all of you! We see you all as members of our Communitee and look forward to continuing our spread of conscious consumerism and creative fashion! Lots of love - Humanitees Fairtrade!


Oh my gosh, I am so embarrassed that it has taken me nearly two weeks to realise that I have won the tees. I am surrounded by technology at work so I have made a conscious decision that in my personal life, not own a Smart Phone. I have a PC at home for my blogging and I figure that is enough. When I am away from home I want to live in the moment so I have no smart phones, internet access etc etc. Being on annual leave at the moment I have spent time in the country with no technology. It has been a relaxing break so what a lovely surprise to return home and discover that I have won these tees. It is a very meaningful prize and I will wear my tee with pride. Much thanks to Humanitees Fairtrade and Recycled Fashion.

Unknown said...

I love human-i-tess, I just scored a wonderful at goodwill for $1!!! Does anyone know where I can purchase more??

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