Exhibiting Recycled Fashion in an Art Show

Monday, June 17, 2013

Last month I mentioned I'd entered my upholstery patch dress and zipper brooches into the City of Port Phillip's art exhibition.

The Creative SustainAbility Exhibition focuses on 'local environmental themed artworks' held at The Gallery at St Kilda Town Hall, running from Tuesday 29 May to Wednesday 26 June.

In all honesty, I really didn't know if either of my pieces would be accepted; would either constitute as 'art'?  Both pieces were accepted into the exhibition, and are currently on display at the St Kilda Town Hall!

The opening took place last week in conjunction with World Environment Day 2013; a fun filled event with free workshops, speeches, kids activities, lovely vegetarian food and drinks.  The City of Port Phillip Council always do well with their sustainability themed events.

Some happy snaps from the exhibition and night:

:: Upcycled Upholstery Patch Dress and Zipper Brooches on display ::

:: Zipper Brooches ::

:: "Cleo" Bottle cap dress with head piece made by 84 year old Margaret Wells ::

Description of Artwork

'I have hammered, drilled and interlocked bottle tops and beer cans
transforming them into a wearable three piece garment. The
reworking and recycling of these materials has produced a feminine
costume that inspires the imagination with overtones of cultural
influences.' Margaret Wells

:: "White Lace" sculpture by Maria Simonelli, made from doilies and tree branches ::

:: "Toto Finds Face" painting based on a found object at the beach by Janita Ryan" ::

 :: "Moon Lion's Journey" mechanical piece by James Cattell ::

:: Flower photography by Kinesiologist Annette Zerrenthin ::

:: Junior RF having fun painting a recycled newspaper covered cow ::

I'd say the chances of my work being exhibited in a public art gallery in the future may be slim, but to say I've once had two of my own handmade pieces displayed in a public gallery, is one huge personal achievement.



Miche said...

This is incredible! The creativity astounds me!


Flora Fascinata said...

Fantastic Show! I love your tonal looking zipper brooches. Sweet shift number, too. Xx

allmylivesnow said...

Congratulations. What an honor. I love the upholstery patch dress and the zipper brooches are darling. Looks like all the creative minds were on show that night.

Barbara @ allmyivesnow.com

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