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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Readers, there is a relatively new blog on the block that I think you'll like, the The Thrifty Issue, a site dedicated to saving money, time and stress in all aspects of our lives.

I'm particularly enjoying The Thrifty Issue's Worthy Wine write ups; top hints, tips and pointers about drinking and enjoying a cheaper bottle of plonk, tried and tested wines for under $10!

The following Guest Post is written by The Thrifty Issue's creator Alison, explaining a little more about what it is like to be thrifty, and whether being thrifty is something we are born with?!:

The great debate of nature vs nuture is often discussed in our home. Are you born a tight arse, or does it come with training and lifestyle experiences? 

I believe I was born a junior tight-arse into a family of perfectly formed tight-arses! 

I’m probably exaggerating a little. I had a very comfortable childhood, and it was a rare occasion that I would miss out on something due to financial restraints. 

In my twenties, I found myself in a city (Melbourne) with food and retail temptations aplenty! I burned through my income on Chapel Street on Saturday mornings, then burned through my credit cards at the George Wine Bar on Saturday nights. Before too long, I was deeply in debt and paying my girlfriend back the $20 I borrowed last Friday, to only borrow it again on Monday. It was during this time, that I had a good hard look at myself, and decided that life was a lot more comfortable when you weren’t continually stressed about money. 

For me, being thrifty is not about being short on cash … it’s about being smart with your cash so you can enjoy your life to its fullest. 

Spelled [thrif-tee]
adjective, thrift·i·er, thrift·i·est.
1. practicing thrift or economical management; frugal: a thrifty shopper.
2. thriving, prosperous, or successful.
3. thriving physically; growing vigorously.

The above definition shows how closely related the words “thrifty” and “thriving” are. I literally thrive on being thrifty, being able to save money and find bargains for my family. I love recycling and getting back to nature, and teaching the kids about sustainability and eco-friendly living. Even in inner-city or suburban living, all these things are easily achieved. 

Whether I like it or not, my natural instinct is to find ways to do everything for less. 

Less money … less time … and less stress! 

So whilst being thrifty is predominantly about saving money … I do like to diversify and save on basically everything. At The Thrifty Issue, you will often come across articles about getting organised, creating home comforts, healthy eating, mindful shopping tips, gift guides and tips on entertaining yourself and your family. 

The Thrifty Issue is my place to share with you. It’s a place to meet and greet, to share and explore topics like Fashion, Food and Wine, Craft, Activities and Lifestyles. 

A collection of fabulous bloggers have contributed some stylish, funky and fun tips to The Thrifty Issue. I am excited to announce that we are also teaming up with Erica from Recycled-Fashion to bring you some creative and thrifty fashion posts in the very near future! 

Jump on board so you don’t miss out! 

Alison x

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Anonymous said...

Plenty of thrifty ideas to save money in 'the thrifty issue'. However I was a bit concerned about clothing articles, they seemed to be all about shopping at cheap chain stores. No mention of shopping at op shops or recycling clothing, would have thought that was the thriftiest way to shop! Can find much better quality jackets at an op shop than you can at Best and Less!

Laura said...

I love some of the ideas on this website! Great saving tips.

Unknown said...

Thank you for passing along this link! I have a similar blog, so I always love finding one that is similar- makes for great reading!

Unknown said...

@Kerry, I think you have a fair point. I have a few blog posts up my sleeve that I'll be publishing on The Thrifty Issue, which will be related to op shopping rather than high street.

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