May Op Shop Tour Wrap Up

Monday, May 20, 2013

We are now in the midst of another Melbourne winter, and Saturday's op shop tour proved that! With a full day of rain predicted, 14 op shoppers (including myself) set off on a second hand shopping expedition to 6 op shops, travelling through 3 suburbs. 5 ladies joined the tour on a weekend break from NSW, and emphasised the mediocre temperatures in Melbourne vs Newcastle.

Weather never puts a dampener on op shopping though, as we travelled in search of second hand treasures dressed in raincoats, umbrella's and hats.

I wore my new neck warmer scarf, made with felted merino wool and the cutest deer fabric, purchased from a talented friend.

I also made myself another recycled t-shirt tote bag the day before, which is huge; perfect for a day dedicated to op shopping.  Here it is, filled with my loot from the day (more on my purchases later)

Being a group of 14, we engulfed some of the smaller op shops, but not without success and good cheer from the op shop staff.

The day ended in blue skies and happy spirits, as 14 op shoppers walked away with plenty.  As always, I rarely go looking for treasures when I'm leading an op shop tour myself, but sometimes, I just can't help it, temptation is too great.

My first find, a beautiful canvas Mediterranean scene oil painting for 50c, that I can't wait to get into a frame:

I can't help but feel sad for the artist, how did her/his fabulous piece find its way into a small church run op shop?  A similar thought with this little piece of artwork found a few years ago.

A couple of skirts with elasticated waists, perfect for an expanding waistline, here is one:

A $2 woven leather fabric belt with a distinct South American feel, and a lovely piece of fabric for $4:

Fabric found in this trolley in Vinnies:

Trolley o'fabric

What I have come to realise when running an op shop tour whilst pregnant, is that I'll quickly seek out the furniture section, and have a sneaky sit down on one of the second hand chairs in-between shopping!

My next tour will be Saturday 13th July.



Janet Camilleri said...

Looks like a great day out!

tutto riciclabile handmade/ragdollsvfk said...

wauw that looks great

Far said...

I Wish Im There To Join In The Fun! :)

Unknown said...


We find so many amazing things in op-shops, don’t we? Wish I could join the tour too. It looks like so much fun!

Laura said...

I LOVE that painting! Great find.

And golly, with 14 people on the tour it must have been a bit of a squeeze! I've only ever had that many when I took a school group.

Unknown said...

I wish I was there...

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