Making Your Own Leggings

Friday, May 31, 2013

Chilly weather is setting in as winter hits the Southern Hemisphere. A year ago, I'd written a blog post reflecting refashions that can be done with a seasonal change in weather (seen here), and once again I'm thinking of ways to cover up, particularly bare legs.

Leggings worn as pants (trousers) may still be considered a fashion faux pas for some, but I for one, embrace them. My personal choice for wearing leggings, would be worn underneath tunics or dresses, but I must admit I'm a bit bored with black.

Desiree on Pull Your Sox Up! rocks Black Milk leggings, I admire her vibrant choices, you can see a glimpse into her fabulous collection here.

So I'm looking around the www to inspire, and find the following pairs of Alexander McQueen leggings on uniprice:

Butterfly Camo

Wing Print

Print and Brown Print

They do look great, and I'm sure good value for a designer brand, but I'm wondering if it possible, to make a pair at home instead of buying new?

There is a very detailed step by step guide found on etsy's blog: How-Tuesday: Design and Sew Your Own Leggings

And The Crafty Gemini has a YouTube video showing how to make a pair:

I recall sewing with Lycra before, when turning an old bra into a bikini top, and remember reading one great tip when sewing with Lycra or spandex - always use the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. (more tips for sewing with Lycra found here)

So making a pair of leggings actually looks easy enough to do, and sewing with stretch fabric shouldn't be a problem, so now it is just a case of finding appropriate Lycra or stretch fabric to make a pair with.

What do you think readers, would you attempt to make a pair of leggings, or would you rather buy a pair?



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

After seeing Hulibug's silver velvet leggings she made this week, I'm tempted to give it a go, but probs for The Stylist as I have quite enough already! Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials Erica!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea I think I'm going to have to give it a try!

Alison at The Thrifty Issue said...

I love your post, what a great idea! My body shape just isn't suited to leggings though ... so I'll just enjoy checking out everyone else's.

Iliska Dreams said...

Leggings are great! Though I must admit I tend to wear mine instead of stockings. Great patterns and colours. Desiree does have the most amazing collection of BM

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