Pink and Denim

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've dusted off the sewing machine today, to make something just for it! - a well overdue, sewing machine cover.  For the past 2+ years, I've used its standard white plastic machine hood, the one that came with the device on purchase. There's nothing particularly wrong with the white plastic hood, other than it is not particularly attractive.

Utilising two pieces of my thrifted fabric stash; light denim off-cuts and bright pink floral material, I've made a much prettier cover for my machine, using the previous white plastic hood as a template.

Seeing the colour and texture combination on my new sewing machine cover, it has has become apparent these two pieces of fabric work well together.

The combination of pink with denim appears to work well in many fashion outfits, as seen here, here, here, here here and even a men's outfit here.

I think of a couple of my own outfits wearing pink with denim, such as a pair of second hand bright pink cowboy boots (purchased from Spitalfields Market in London) that I often wear with a pair of my favourite jeans:

Here are some more ideas for DIY, second hand and recycled fashion outfits / accessories that could be put together, incorporating the colour pink with blue denim:

Denim Shorts with Pink Studs 

Two Tone Jeans
Baby Powder

Denim Headband with Pink
Bubble gum pink and denim headband, perfect for back to school students and kiddos

Crochet Mary Jane Booties in Pink and Denim

Recycled Denim Zipper Pouch with Pink Zipper
by Zembil

Heart Shaped Recycled Denim Earrings
Earrings - Heart Shaped Recycled Levi's Denim - Hand Beaded Pink and Orange Upcycled Denim

Floral Pink Pocket Denim Cut-offs
Size 3/4 Low 38" Waisted Cutoffs -  Pink Floral Pockets, Dark Denim Wash

Fabric Denim Flower Brooch
Fabric Flower Brooch - DENIM DREAMS in Pink and Blue

 Abstract 1980's Pink Denim Men's Shirt

 Pink Zipper Jean Jacket

Pink with denim blue, does it work for you? 



Unknown said...

It looks great Erica. I love your boots too.

Megan Daley said...

I'll be showing my five year old this post tomorrow morning! She WILL NOT wear her demin jeans or jacket...but she LOVES pink and this will surely sway her to the demin!

Canan said...

Thank you for featuring Zembil's denim zipper pouch! Great finds!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Pink is in the air!! I do love the denim and pink combo: tough and pretty:) I have to make a cover for my Huskie as it's getting shockingly dusty and you've inspired me to dive into my scraps tonight. If it turns out OK I'll share it:). I love every-single-one of those glorious pink and denim goodies you've showed us here, especially the earrings! I want a pair in size G for Giant. xo

Unknown said...

Great job on the sewing machine cover. That's something I need to make myself! I love your pink boots, and the denim and pink brooch is so cute!

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