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Monday, April 1, 2013

There is a relatively new and exciting venue that opened its doors in November 2012, that could really do with some support.  Colour Box Studio, situated in Melbourne's west, Footscray.

Colour Box Studio is a non-profit community creative hub, operating as multi-functional pop up creative space, set up by film-maker Amie Batalibasi, and assisted by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Colour Box Studio Crew

I first heard of Colour Box Studio, via a 'suggestion box' to write about their Fashion Program Launch on weekendnotes (a site for events and things to do around Melbourne).

The Colour Box Studio's 5 week Fashion Program, which ends this coming week, has been supporting local sustainable fashion in all its entirety, demonstrating much of the great work being done by Melbourne's creative community.

Some of the events recently seen at Colour Box Studio include:
  • A pop-up shop featuring ethically made fashion pieces made from upcycled, organic, and eco friendly materials, made by established and emerging local designers.
Pop-up shop, photograph by James Henry
  • A sustainable fashion panel discussion and industry networking night (free event).
  • Clothes swapping event
  • 'Make It Your Own' workshop series.

Funny, that in the 8 years I've lived in Melbourne, last Saturday happened to be my first time in Footscray, to visit Colour Box Studio, with an opportunity to teach an upcycled bead making class, as part of the  workshop series.

Cereal box bead making

How cool are Amie's beads? The bright yellow beads are made from a homebrand cornflake cereal box, the blue beads are made from a cheetos box!

Angelique and her completed cereal box bracelets and necklaces, all completed within 3 hours!

Over the past 5 months, Colour Box Studio has showcased the work of over 40 Melbourne artists and creative people; created income for over 40 Melbourne artists; held 4 free community based events; and enabled 15 artists to facilitate workshops.

This blog post is not so much to talk about my own workshop, which was thoroughly enjoyable to teach, but more so to emphasise the support that Colour Box Studio needs to continue running. Colour Box Studio is looking for funding to help continue running creative programs, free events, workshops, and a space with low commissions for artists, over the course of the year.

I'm not sure if you've heard of 'crowd funding' before, (I certainly hadn't), but if you check out Colour Box Studio's Pozible campaign, you may get the idea.

Crowd funding, is best described as a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money together, usually via the internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organisations* wikipedia

By supporting Colour Box Studio's campaign, not only are you contributing to a worthwhile initiative, but in return, you may get a cool reward in exchange. For example, if you pledge $35, you will get a geometric necklace made by Charlotte Filshie Jewellery, designed and made in Melbourne out of upcycled materials.

If you do pledge to Colour Box Studio's pozible campaign, you do not part with your financial donation, unless the campaign is successful.

Colour Box Studio aim to raise a minimum $7,000 by 1 May 2013, they have a way to go to reach their goal.

If you're Melbourne based, do stop by Colour Box Studio, a place that will interest anyone that appreciates  sustainable, ethical fashion and creative practice.


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I brainstormed for ideas of what to do with the cereal boxes I seem to pille up(3 kids)but this idea is superb!

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