Vintage Tee Day 22 March

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Salvos Stores have announced a new campaign, their first ever Vintage Tee Day. The concept, to promote and support sustainable fashion, by encouraging everyone to wear a vintage, or at least a second hand t-shirt for one day.  That day, is next Friday 22nd March.

For some, wearing a t-shirt on a Friday may not be feasible with an employer or school dress code, however, others may celebrate the end of a working week with a casual dress day.  Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to try and encourage an otherwise uniform workplace, school or university to promote the idea.  I recall a 'non-uniform day' during my schooling years, we were asked to donate a gold coin to wear our casuals rather than traditional uniform, the coins were collected for a specific charity.  Could this be a way to override an otherwise formal dress code, just for one day?

Salvos Stores Chief Executive Officer, Allen Dewhirst, explained that it "takes 2,700 litres to produce just one cotton t-shirt". 

“We are extremely passionate about educating people on the importance of recycling and just how much their small involvement can help the environment,” he said.

Naturally, the campaign emphasises that if one does not own a vintage tee, there are plenty of donated pre-loved ones to buy from any of Salvos' 200 charitable retail stores across the country.

Some second hand tee inspiration from the www: 

Musician Tee

David Bowie T-Shirt Size S

Band Tee:

Vintage 80s GUNS n ROSESs T Shirt// Authenic // Paper Thin // Rock Tee


Movie Tee  


Vintage Super Rare 1982 ET Movie Super Soft T-Shirt


Tourist Tee: 


 Vintage Tacky Tourist T shirt Florida Pink Ocean Beach scene Palm Tree Graphic M

Cute Tee:


Sports Tee: 



Cartoon Tee

Vintage Mickey Mouse Deep Side Customized Bandeau Tank S/M/L


Designer Tee 


Vintage Gaultier Jean's t-shirt in blue and white stripe with gothic tattoo style design on front size XS

Whilst there are many tees to be found in Salvos stores, vintage and recycled tees are readily available from all sorts of places; online marketplaces, a partner or friend's wardrobe, found in flea markets, jumble sales, garage sales and the like. Although it is not essential to buy a 'new-to-you' old tee from Salvos Stores specifically, I'm quite fond of their campaign. What do you think of the idea?



Laura said...

It's a great idea! Now I just need to decide which if my t-shirts to wear to work that day...

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Eeeeeeeeeep!! I'm so excited about this Erica coz I refuse to buy myself new t-shirts - there are heaps of super-cool kids tees out there in the op shops too and I snap them up at every opportunity. Must pop this on our calendar. Are you doing a linky thingy here?

Unknown said...

I think it's wonderful and I definitely plan on wearing a vintage tee for vintage tee day!

Unknown said...

Dear Desiree - linky thingy will be the following Fri :) x

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Great idea! I'll do it, my office is relaxed : >

Unknown said...

This is just the push I needed to refashion a tee in my to-do pile that I was given by a coworker cleaning out her closet!

Anonymous said...

Oh I see a visit to my local op today is in need and a t-shirt revamp in my future. What a cool idea. Thanks for sharing Erica.

Helen Le Caplain said...

LOVE the Bowie and Mickey Mouse tees - and what a great idea!

AdinB said...

Oh I want the Owl, the sports shirt and the mickey. :)

Adin B

Anonymous said...
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Jean C. said...

My daughter makes a donation at work so that she may wear jeans on Fridays to work in. On top of that she got to pick from a list of places that her donation would go to. She found that there were lists of schools near where we live. In the end, she found her old grade school was on the list. She is loving the idea that 1)she gets to wear jeans on Friday 2)that her donation is helping out her old grade school. It's win-win.
Sure wish I lived over by you to check out the co-op shops by you. We have a few, but they seem pretty picked over. I'm enjoying your blog. Keep up the great posts. Thanks for sharing.

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