Op Shop Tour Wrap Up and a Boo Radley Jacket

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When I lead op shop tours as I did last weekend, I try not to buy things for myself too much, focusing instead on my tour attendees.  However, when faced with so much second hand temptation, it is very hard not to walk away with something after a visit to some of Melbourne South East’s best op shops!  

Last Saturday, a group of us meandered through Melbourne Bayside suburbs, visiting the usual op shopping haunts.  One op shopper found a delicious black suedette jacket with a floral hem and interesting design in Vinnies, Hampton. “For you” she says handing over to me as it is not her size. What a find!  Exactly the type of jacket I’d wear (and am in fact, wearing today)
Boo Radley Jacket

The jacket is Boo Radley, not a designer I am overly familiar with, but one that I am aware of.  As I am not familiar with the brand, I do not know how much a new piece of Boo Radley clothing would retail for.  

The jacket was originally priced in Vinnies for $30, and what I do know, is that I rarely spend that sort of money on one item of clothing.  However, I am in luck, because the jacket was found on the half price rack; $15.  Additionally, Vinnies in Hampton are very generous to Melbourne Op Shop Tours, and give all tour attendees a 10% discount when we take tours through their store.  So, my lovely new-to-me jacket set me back $13.50. 

I’d also like to share a little story with you that I put up on facebook yesterday too: 

Whilst leading shoppers through Brighton, a lady chose a book from the 'free box' outside the front of Biccies charity shop in Brighton (happened to be one of my favourite books actually, The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay), she walked into the op shop, and passed a $5 note over the counter "I know the book is free" she said to the volunteer "but please take this as a donation".  Good op shopping karma to that lady

Makes my jacket discount appear quite frugal doesn't it?!

 Op shoppers loot at our tour's half way point

My next Bayside Melbourne Op Shop Tour will be 18 May, there are a few places left for anyone that would like to join in the fun!

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Judy C said...

It looks like wonderful fun but alas, the commute from the US would make it hard. I do wish there were things like that here.

Lyndel said...

great finds. Love your new jacket.

The Redgewells said...

The jacket looks great on you, and what fun we all had on the day. Between the OP Shop Tourists on the trip a good few 100$ was spent !

Laura said...

Love the jacket Erica! And I hope the lady who donated the $5 finds something fabulous for her generosity! If only more people were that kind.

I Love To Op Shop said...

so hoping to be able to make it :-)

tess said...

I remember Boo Radley being a character in To Kill a Mockingbird

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