Nuffnang Melboune Blogger Meet Up

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogging can be an isolating affair at times, as we sit in front of a computer screen, behind closed doors of our homes, interacting with others by way of email, twitter, facebook, instagram, and other social media platforms.

I noticed a suggestion on Nuffnang (blog community network) Australia's facebook page, for bloggers to arrange a mini-meet in their own city, and jumped at the idea to host a meet up in Melbourne. 

I emailed a handful of Melbourne based vintage fashion and op shopping bloggers, (some of which I’d met before, and others I had not) suggesting a day of op shopping followed by lunch stop, as a potential arrangement for a Nuffnang sponsored meet up.

Prompt responses quickly followed with a “yes please, count me in!” and so, the "Nuffnang Op Shop Crawl" was born; Saturday 23rd March, 11am meet, Windsor.

Windsor’s op shops were overtaken that morning by a collection of bloggers with cameras and small change in hand. Quite lucky really, that although Windsor op shops are quite narrow, they do stretch a fair way back, enough to accommodate a large group of excited shoppers!  We concluded our morning with light refreshments and chatter at a groovy little cafe called Tyranny of Distance.  

13 bloggers + 2 Nuffnang representatives + 4 op shops x 2hr shopping =  a pair of shoes, a jacket, a crochet blanket, a vintage playing card set, craft supplies, a belt, a vintage dress, two country maps, a cardigan, a carpet bag, a china mug, a woven blanket, a Karen Millen clutch, a Burberry scarf, a Coronation bowl, two little girls dresses, and a ball gown (plus more I'm sure I missed).  Check out Laura's great blog post here with photographs of bloggers with their best purchases.

 Op Shop Crawl Refreshment and Chatter Stop

Clockwise from bottom right corner:

Mezzy of Recycled Repurposed Renewed
Laura of A Little Boutique Near Home
Vicky of Knocked up and Abroad
Empty chair - Berlin of Nuffnang (taking photograph)
Zoe of Life of a Vegetarian Girl
Marianne of Esme and The Laneway
Trish of Trish Hunter Finds
Maria of Sleekitone
Leeyong of Style Wilderness
Kate of Vanity Project by Kate Iselin
Cecylia of
Cintia (and daughter) of My Poppet
Valissa from Nuffnang
Sharon of 365 Reasons not to die with a full craft cupboard
Me!  Recycled Fashion  

The morning flew by, we all had such a fun-filled and successful day.  I left our meet completely empty handed, although if this pair of Vivienne Westwood flats were my size, I'd have given them a new home.

I am sure they'll be more blog posts to come covering our day, I'll update this article with relevant links as they are published.  As mentioned above, you can see Laura's round up here, Trish's lovely blog post here, and Kate's insight here, Sharon's blog post here and Mezzy's here, Vicki's here, Marianne's here,  Maria's here and Zoe's here

There are millions of blog writers around the world, and many which reside in our own towns or cities.  If you are a blogger yourself reading this blog post, I’d suggest arranging a meet up in your own city too.  Perhaps a cafĂ© meet, an evening out, or a thrift shop expedition just like we did.  If you're Melbourne based, and would like to arrange a blogger meet up in the future, please do let me know, I'll come!



Unknown said...

Thanks so much for organising Erica. I had a ball.

Laura said...

Thanks again for organising it Erica! It really is such a great idea – and op-shopping aside (which makes any day good!), it was lovely to meet such a variety of bloggers.

Unknown said...

It must've been a wonderful event with people thy shared similar interests with you ! It's a shame the sydney op shopping community isn't as large as Melbourne's !

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