High Priced Fashion? Low Cost Alternative

Monday, March 11, 2013

Are you completely blown away by the cost of some fashion pieces you find either in retail shops or online? 

Take this folklore inspired dress seen pinterest as an example, so pretty, yet when we click through to its link source, the description listed as embroidered tulle may not be the first thing we see, one can't help but notice the phenomenal price tag:

"Was £3,133.39 Now £1,253.35 60% OFF"

An originally price tag of £3,133.39?  I appreciate the work that may go into making a dress like this, but £3k worth?

So I start to look for alternatives, because I'm sure I could find a similar dress at a lower price, and possibly even one second hand.

There is a dress on etsy, a hand embroidered Mexican white frock from Aida Coronado, not recycled, but handmade, all the way from Mexico city.  Not full length, but still very pretty:

$127 from Aida Coronado

Then there's this vintage beauty, a 1960's mod dress, whilst not embroidered, its folk art graphic print is pretty special:

Sale-1960s White Orange Blue Green Mod Maxi Dress. Folk Art. Graphic Print. Day Dress. Spring Fashion. Size Medium
$85 from gogovintage

And another vintage frock, a folk maxi dress with full sleeves, 100% cotton, with embroidered front bib, and this time made in Greece:

$42 from VelouriaVintage

Lastly, a British eBay seller Bang Bang Vintage, has this bohemian 1970's folk maxi dress for sale:

GBP 45.00 from Bang Bang Vintage

Whilst the examples above are all quite different from the original inspired designer piece, their colour and style are a little similar, the cost saving is vast, plus, it would be far better buying old 'new', than brand new.

Readers have you replicated a high priced fashion piece, buying a similar item second hand?   What is the most expensive item of clothing you've purchased?



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Every single one of the alternatives are three thousand-plus times better than the first one. Anyone who spends that kind of money on an item of clothing has issues. In fact it makes my blood BOIL!!!!!!! xo

Charity Shop Chic said...

That's when I started sewing... when I realised I could get the same looks for a fraction of the price.
I love mexican embroidery (and all things mexican!) will definitely check out that etsy store.

Mancunian Vintage said...

That's the best part of three months' wages - crazy!

Ironically my favourite one of them all is the cheapest :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning my folk maxi dress! You're right on, buying and wearing vintage is a great alternative to high priced fashion. Plus you're getting a one of a kind item which is a bonus. :)

-Carrie, Velouria Vintage

Unknown said...

@Pullyoursocksup, crazy isn't it, can't justify these sorts of prices.

@Charity shop chic, I love your copy-cat charity shop designer pieces, glad you did start to sew and inspire others with your designs

@Mancunian Vintage, extraordinary spending that sort of money on one fashion piece isn't it

@Carrie - welcome! Glad you found this blog post

Nell Escalante said...

My mother worked in a garment factory for many years so i know how much clothes really costs to make and how drastically they are marked up all at the expense of these hard working laborers making these clothes. So no, I don't spend a lot on clothes but I occasionally spend a lot on shoes, maybe the most I spent on shoes was $75.00 and that is rarely! You know why? Because I can't makes shoes!

AdinB said...

I like to look at what's new in fashion and I hit the thrift store and find that piece that has the same vibe and feel to it. I sure can't afford that much money. If I were a millionaire, then I splurge I guess. LOL! The vintage ones and the handmade one are beautiful. I thrifted a dress that was made in Mexico (a vintage), and I was so excited about it, but when I took it home and tried it on, not flattering on me. I am thinking of getting rid of it or keep it for a display. I don't know. Or if you would like to have it, I am willing to giveaway. :) It just needed a bit of an elastic on the top part. :) Let me know!

Adin B
myholypondhill at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Adin B - that is so sweet of you to offer your thrifted dress!!! x

AdinB said...

Hi Erica, I would be happy to give it to you if you like it. You can see the photo on the link above. If you do, message me and let me know where I can send it. :) I'll give it away for free. :)

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