Recycled Souvenier Tea Spoon Accessories

Friday, February 15, 2013

Souvenir tea spoons are perhaps not as commonly used, and are rarely seen on proud display as they once were. As a result, quaint memorial cutlery from far and wide can be found in an abundant throughout second hand store suburbia, Sunday flea markets and online sources such as eBay and etsy.

28 Souvenir Teaspoon Collection listing on eBay

If you're really into worldly spoons, there is a book published on the subject "Spoons from Around the World" by Dorothy T Rainwater and Donna H Felger

Spoons from Around the World
available to buy on amazon

The range in cost for second hand spoons I've found can be anything from 10c to $1 each.  Cheap to buy, and yes they are cute, but there is a limit to how many spoons one person could rescue.

There are other ways to display teaspoon prettiness, by reworking old beloved silverware into pendants, earrings, and pins, such as those made by artisan Greg Mann Jewellery.

Being a fan of his work, and follower of his facebook page, I found a beautiful teaspoon pendant as the perfect gift for my lovely Mum.

My parents do not live in Australia, but when they visit us in Melbourne, they express a love for their regular garden visitors, the Rainbow Lorikeets:

Rainbow Lorikeet
Nominate race (T. h. haematodus) wikipedia

Whilst browsing etsy for souvenir spoon's I found another interesting way to rework cutlery into accessories, Georgina Baker Jewellery, originally from New Zealand but now based in British Columbia, Canada, breathes new live into vintage and heirloom spoons by bending gently to make bracelets:
President John F Kennedy Cameo Souvenir Bracelet

Las Vegas Nevada souvenir spoon Bracelet in Sterling Silver on chunky silver chain

 And she makes souvenir spoon rings:

Hungary Church Charm Spoon Ring

London Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon Ring

Do you see lots of pretty spoons during your second hand shopping escapades?  Do you like the idea of wearing silverware as jewellery pieces?



Georgina Baker said...

Thanks so much for including my jewellery in your great blog! I am thrilled you appreciate the art of the teaspoon xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I would wear almost all of those. I really like the idea.

CraftyMummy said...

My Mum has a huge collection of spoons from their travels. I must remember this idea as a potential gift for her! Thanks! (Found you on FB via Nuffnang page)


Beautiful....I have always loved souvenir spoons, especially when they are turned into jewellery.

Lyndel said...

oh I love Greg's work, and see him regularly at North Melbourne Market. so many teaspoons, so many great ideas.

Unknown said...

Some of these are stunning and would be great conversation starters. Lovely.

Isis said...

funny you should post this because i was just given a bunch of souvenir spoons and thinking to turn them into jewellery!

Laura said...

These look fantastic. I'm craving a lorikeet ring now!

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