Miss Pinup Australia 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A beauty contest may conjure up images of tall women with striking features in their early 20's, strutting their tiny frames in itty bitty bikini's.  Their aim to win the judges vote not only on looks, but with their speeches advocating world peace, and promises of charitable work should they be successful in obtaining their crown.

Then along comes a contest that challenges the traditional beauty pageant;  Miss Pinup Australia 2013.  Think full skirts, petticoats, polka-dots, inked skin, talent contests, pin curls, and all the goodness of 1950's rockabilly glamour.  Miss Pinup Australia 2013 is in full swing, on the hunt for "Australia’s purrfect Vintage Pinups"

You may question whether such an event brings forth another competition to compare bodies and faces of wannabe fashion models, however, Miss Pinup Australia is open to "all women, real women of all shapes, sizes & ages with a love for vintage glamour".

Categories include: 
  • Miss Perfect Pinup.  Open to all
  • Miss Illustrated Pinup.  For those with permanent art work (tattoos)
  • Miss Classic Pinup.  Over the age of 30 years.
  • Miss VaVaVoom Pinup.  For gals with classically voluptuous curvy body
  • Miss Popular Pinup.  Cyber vote, where everyone can get involved with voting. 
  • Mr Pinup Australia.  Yes, there's even a category for the dapper gentlemen!
  • Miss Neo Pinup.  For the gal with the edgy, colourful, modern day twist  
A quote from a previous Miss VaVaVoom category winner Adriana Obscenities (each pinup gal takes on a pseudonym of their choice, for the duration of the contest) sums up Miss Pinup Australia nicely:

"The day I was told about this competition remember thinking "What a fantastic idea!" We need more people like this to show men and women Australia wide they don't need to follow the abhorrent trends of the modern age. You don't need to wear short skirts, hair extensions and spray tans to be considered pretty. A little self respect and conducting yourself as a lady will guarantee you outshine all those around you." Adriana Obscenities

To see the show in action, here is a little footage from Miss Pinup Australia 2012, recorded by Simon Leong Photography

A short clip can also be seen on The Morning Show, including an interview with Miss Pinup Australia's organiser Pixie Roberts. 

There is an interview with a previous Miss Pinup Australia winner, Tina, a Beauty Therapist, wife and mother of two children in thatslifemagazine

Entries into Miss Pinup Australia 2013 have now closed, the Queensland State Finals took place last weekend, the Victorian Finals are on this weekend, South Australian and New South Wales State Finals to  follow, and the National Grand Finals will be held in Sydney on Saturday 20th April.   Good luck guys and gals!

You can follow Pinup Australia on facebook.


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Unknown said...

This is so neat. I wish this would catch on in the States. So nice to see some women with some curves on their bodies!

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