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Thursday, February 28, 2013

As we look back over the past few decades we see fashion trends come and go, and sure enough the same trends come around again on that never ending fashion roundabout.

I'm not too fond of fashion trends per se; why should we all conform to the same outfit, and strive to look like each other?  How boring!  Our genetics grant us with different body shapes, skin colour and height, therefore current fashion will not suit all of us.

Having said that, I do like to keep up to date with current trends if only to see how an outfit or style can be replicated second hand.  If we see an outfit of a particular colour, style or fit that we think would suit us, then why not mirror what we see with clothing items already in existence, whether those pieces are from the thrift store, our friends, our parents, or even our grandparents clothing collection! 

Thrift Shop lyric vest seen here

I received an email with a guest post suggestion, '5 Trending Outfits Today', published below.  A little inspiration for what we could look out for second hand.

5 Trending Outfits Today by Anna Hicks

Fashion evolves and changes over time. What was popular at this time last year might not necessarily be popular now. Here are five of the outfit trends that are popular right now:

Typically the idea is to blend things together—choose complementary colors and patterns to create an overall look. This year, though, the theme is contrast. Whatever your primary outfit parts are (pants, skirt, shorts, tops, etc) you want there to be contrast between them. Black and white is especially popular this year (a nice change from the pastels that usually take over during the spring) but it’s also a good idea to contrast patters. For example, if you have a horizontally striped sweater, choose a vertically striped skirt or pants (or even go with a checkerboard pattern). 

When it comes to accessories, bling is out. This is great news for people who are on a budget. Simple cubic zirconia jewelry is the way to go, not ostentatious and genuine gem stones. Great big necklaces that take up half of your shirt and look like something you’d hang on a curtain rod or bracelets that are really forearm sized bands are over. Thin and delicate is in again (thank goodness, people were starting to look like seventies wall art had exploded all over them).

Bermuda shorts are making a big comeback this spring and summer. This is great news for people who want to have weather appropriate clothing that can double as work attire. These are also great choices for people who want lighter clothing in the warmer weather but don’t like the idea of showing off their thighs.

Mad Men
Mad Men is still a popular television show and its dapper style is still all of the rage for fashion designers. Fitted shirts, skirts, dresses and suits are growing in popularity.  While you don’t need things to cling to you like the seer suckers used to, you do want to ensure that whatever you wear is properly fitted to you.

Helmut Newton
Helmut Newton is a famous photographer and artist and his influence is definitely taking over the fashion world (which some are also calling the “50 Shades of Grey” look). Leather is being introduced again—in angled harnesses, stripes and other decorative but tying together elements for outfits.

Well I have to say, I'm not overly fond of the Helmut Newton look myself, (and its highly unlikely you'll find such pieces in your grandparents collection, at least you'd hope not!) but each to their own.  I do quite like a bit of contrast, and happy to see the length of shorts moving in the right direction, but I have to say, although big necklaces and bracelets might be 'out' I'm still a fan of big statement pieces, and will continue to wear chunky accessories.

Readers, do you follow current fashion trends, or do you steer clear of popular fashion altogether?



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I love this post Erica, we all have our pet loves and hates and I think if we're going Helmut Newton this year, I won't have to buy anything anymore ... just drape myself over a couch in the niff, wearing my black feather mask hehe!! The shorts are such a great idea for office workers: comfy, practical and best of all, pockets! I don't think I could ever give up my daily 2kg of jewellery ... but, change is a good thing right? Thank you! xoxo

Nell Escalante said...

Great post! I am a fashion magazine junkie so yes, i always look at the trends but more so to replicate and make my own like the article suggests. I am ecstatic about the Bermuda shirts comeback since I am quite conservative and don't like showing my thighs. Then again, I always were long shorts whether they are in or out!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I kind of pay vague attention, but still only wear what I like and know suits me. It's good to get new ideas on how to mix things up, but I'm not putting my diamonds in storage any time soon ;-)

Thriftanista in the City said...

Love the tee. :) I'm a mix if both. I like to pair trendy with old school to create my own style.

Something Else said...

Nah...I am a big dag...so never bother with fashion trends....plus I refuse to wear stuff like elastic-waisted, patterned, tapered, cropped pants. Ew.

Kelly Jackson said...

I'm laughing at that t-shirt, I love that song! It's been online for a while but is only now becoming a hit with the teens here in France - which is odd as thrift shop culture isn't big here.

I don't follow fashion trends at all - at least I don't think I do. I just buy what I like and what looks good on me, generally at thrift shops.. But there may be influences. My obsession with ethnic bags, Kilim, Ikat and anything Native looking at the mo could have been influenced by what I've seen online and in the shops, hard to say. But I look for vintage versions and generally stay clear of the trendy mass-market shops.

Now I'm going to go and listen to that song!

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