Second Hand Furnishings

Monday, January 28, 2013

Our recycled household purchase successes have been quite good lately; a bed, a side table, a side board, a day bed, many pictures, crockery, a blanket, a tablecloth, a Kenwood Chef food mixer, and the list goes on.

All of the above could have been purchased new, but instead, we've been immersing ourselves in many avenues of recycled shopping to furnish our home; op shops, antique stores, markets, and online (Gumtree and eBay).

The furniture pieces we've found, have quite obviously been made to last, hence why we still find them for sale second hand, decades after they've been made. Our second hand 1960's day bed is a bit of a prized possession in our household, Her Royal Catness loves it too!  

 1960's Piece from Tyabb Packing House Antiques

Framed Winnie The Pooh Sketches, originally from the Victoria Albert Museum, 
$5 each from Epilepsy Foundation Op Shop Parkdale

We still have many household items on our list, we'll get them eventually, but as we prefer to buy second hand, we are certainly in no rush to complete our collection.

Although my focus has been more interior than fashion lately, I've not completely foregone the fashion I happen to find. One of my local op shops recently relocated, after a browse through their new store location, I found a cute vintage red bow shirt, which needs a bit of tweaking, but has a lot of potential, and cost a whopping (!) $2.50.

My red shirt plans, roughly highlighted in the image below:

I'll need to get work on the sewing, my projects are lining up, and my restyling volunteer work with Hunter Gatherer will also be starting up very soon too.

Readers, do you buy furniture and household goods second hand?  Or perhaps you limit your recycled shopping to clothing only?



Eddie said...

Loving the daybed - it's just my style
Would like to do more recycled and refurbished furniture - just need to settle down first :-(

rachel @ idlepines said...

YES! Our Salvo's couch is still going strong 10 years on (I recovered it last year) and most of our furniture is thrifted, not to mention the various books, fabrics, Manchester, crockery & cutlery, yarn, stationary, tchotchkes, etc we've picked up over the years!

Perdita Tinsel said...

Most of my furniture is 2nd hand. Wood lasts for ages and classic designs change so little (or else OTT deco or atomic designs look so retro and fun) that it's easy to find stuff.

One thing I am now cautious of is sofas and couches - I didn't get ours re-stuffed and now it kills my bad back. Looks 60s, but so uncomfy. I would always get 2nd hand couches re-stuffed now.

Alison said...

We are trying to furnish our house with second hand pieces as well. We got a fantastic armchair second hand for £80 (when they still sell in the shop it is from for £600) and a 1970's dresser for £30 recently! Great furniture that doesn;t cost the Earth.


Sleekit said...

Loving the day bed, I'm in the market for furniture too, great fun, trying to find a second hand cane outdoor setting but proving very popular at the mo

Sleekit x

tess said...

beautiful lines and color on the daybed

our sofas are secondhand, one teal wool one from my husband's mom, sone seafoam, vith silver threads from thrift store (about $200, delivery was $100), Tv cabinet from the alley, repainted, oak table and chairs from library of my old highschool as it closed, the list goes on,I love old things, they have soul and were made to last

Unknown said...

I can see why Her Royal Catness would love that day bed - I could see myself lounging on that thing all day, every day!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I actually haven't been looking for second hand clothing lately, just a polite glance in the op shops in case something stupendously special pops up. Like you, instead I've been searching for furnishings and household goods. I've found lots of vintage cotton sheets and retro cotton fabric lengths, cute tea towels and tablecloths, crochet cushions and rugs, a few bits of kitchenware and books. I'm searching for four mis-matched dining chairs for the 1940s table I bought a few years ago - as you might guess, my tastes for no-matchy-matchy runs to interior decorating as well:) xo

Laura said...

Loving the day bed! I'm about to begin a hunt for a new (second-hand) couch myself, although Beau is pushing to buy something new for once :( (I suppose you can't really blame him as almost everything we own is op-shopped or a hand-me-down!)

The Winnie The Pooh sketches are great too. I love finding art at op-shops. It looks like the new place is coming along fantastically!

Something Else said...

LOVE that couch. We have lots of secondhand stuff - crockery, furniture, fabrics, books, napery, fact, I prefer to buy my house stuff and craft stuff second hand rather than my clothes - just because I find it easier to find cool stuff but not so easy to find clothes I really love.

Keyana J said...

I simply LOVE vintage second hand furniture and fashion! Furnishing my apartment I chose second hand first prior to going mainstream retail. I agree the quality and workmanship is great.

Unknown said...

Super awesome couch! Great find.

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