Recycled Fashion Finds #49

Friday, June 29, 2012

Have you been thrifting, refashioning, sewing or crafting this week?  Would you like to participate in Recycled Fashion Finds?  Click here for last week's submissions.  Feel free to share more than one project or thrifty find, I always love to see what you've been up to.

Whilst I've not been sewing this week, except final touches to my dress with a story, I did find a new way to wear my sweater-sleeve-turned-leg-warmers; over the top of my second hand knee high boots.  Oh yes!

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If you would also like to submit this weeks Recycled Fashion Find into the BragYourBuys contest, and be in the running for some prizes, you can!  Let me know via a comment below, and I'll post your pic up on the contest page

Recycled Fashion


The Artist DVD Giveaway Winner

The winner of the The Artist DVD giveaway, as selected by Jnr RF, is...

Congrats Amber B! 


Brag Your Best Buys Recycled Fashion Contest

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Readers, we have a very exciting announcement. 1st July, marks the first date of a three month online thrift fashion contest, open to all individuals worldwide, presented right here on Recycled Fashion.

"Brag Your Best Buys" is a contest to brag about your thrift fashion outfits, an online competition, run in conjunction with The Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Stores, Recycled Fashion, and a secondary prize sponsored by The Birdcage Boutique running from 1st July - 30th September.

With a secondary prize sponsored by:


1st Prize $100 voucher for Brother of St Laurence Community Stores in Victoria.  The voucher will be valid for 6 months.
2nd Prize $50 voucher for online Accessory and Vintage Clothing Boutique  The Birdcage Boutique 

 To enter, you'll need to take a photograph of your best thrifted outfit. To enter your photograph into the contest you can either:

* email your photograph to erica
* upload your image to the flickr gallery
* submit on Recycled Fashion's Facebook page with the hashtag #BragYourBestBuys,
* tweet your pic to Recycled Fashion's twitter page with the hashtag #BragYourBestBuys.

You can enter as many times as you like.  If you do not feel confident to show your face, you can take a photograph of your outfit from the neck down, alternatively, of your outfit on a mannequin or on the floor.

* Your outfit must consist of at least 50% second hand clothing, please provide a description of where you obtained your garments from i.e. Jacket $8 Brotherhood of St Laurence, Brunswick, Pants $12 Savers, Brooch $5 Harlem Treasure Chest NY, etc.  Please specify the store or market and location of your clothing purchases.


Yellow Country Road Shirt: $8 Savers, Frankston
Wide Belt: $6 Salvos, Frankston
Skirt: Handmade from a curtain (gifted) and a pillowcase St Chads Op Shop, Chelsea
Shoes: Salvos Mornington

Voting on the best outfit will begin on 1st October 2012, the winner/s will be notified within a week, 7th October 2012.

Click here for the full set of rules.

We can't wait to see your outfits!

Sunglasses Through The Ages

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inspired by a photograph seen on Bluebird Vintage Perth's facebook page...'s blog post focuses on the evolution of sunglasses as a fashion accessory


French 1940s Men Aviator Sunglasses available to buy via ladouchka

Sunglasses for men and women, seen here


Colour changeable cat eye sunglasses seen here

Polaroid glasses ad seen here

Rhinestone White Cat Eye Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco


Brown Tortoise Oversized Windsor Atomic Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

 Jackie O wearing her infamous oversized sunglasses as seen here


Cocoa Brown Italian Sunglass available to buy through Sorocco

Polaroid Sunglasses ad seen here


Madonna in Desperately seeking Susan

Squared Seashell Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

1980's Wayfarer Style as seen here


Round Red Lens 1990's Sunglasses seen here

90's Swatch sunglasses as seen here

Sergio Tacchini Tortoise Sunglasses available to buy through Sorocco

Oakley Sunglasses Ad 1995 seen here


Bono, Sheer Sunglasses as seen here

Rihanna, 2009, clear sunglasses (!?) seen here

David Beckham in Police sunglasses ad 2005 seen here

Burberry sunglasses ad spring/summer 2011 seen here

And finally, I had to share this one, Diesel's spring/summer 2012 eyewear ad..

Seen here

 Funny, yes?

What is your favourite style of eyewear? Do you shop for second hand sunglasses?


The Story of a Recycled Dress

Monday, June 25, 2012

I want to tell you a story behind this little frock, if only the final part of it.  I found it on a half-price clearance dress rack in Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Store in Seaford; $4.

Trying it on for size in the op shop changing room, it fit me well, but did need a few minor adjustments, mainly letting it out by a few inches on the side and back seams, otherwise the dress fit fairly snug.

It is not until I set to work with my trusty seam ripper, that I noticed,the dress is a handmade piece, and was not quite complete. Thread's were left un-cut, and the belt bow needed snap fasteners attached.

This made be a little sad; I wonder what happened? Did someone make this beautiful little dress for herself, but found it did not fit? Perhaps someone made it for a friend or relative, but was unsatisfied with the final piece? So much work has gone into this dress; darts, a zipper, a matching belt, how did it make its way into a clearance rack of an Opportunity Shop?

Right now,it is Melbourne's depth of winter, and it is cold my friends, so I wear my winter woollies underneath my frock, for fear of a chill. Jnr Recycled wanted to be part of today's 'photoshoot' too.

If I did find out who made this dress, I'd like to thank them for making a perfect little frock for my frame, and for donating it to Seaford's Brotherhood of St Laurence Community Store.

If second-hand frocks could talk, what stories would they tell us?!

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Thrifted Vietnamese Shirt Restyle

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A thrifted Asian collared shirt, made in Vietnam, purchased for $2.50 on my last op shop tour. As mentioned here, I did wonder what to do with the front tie buttons; they've stayed put.

Here's the shirt's refashion journey, to take it from an unflattering nondescript fit, to a cropped trim fit.

Whilst wearing the shirt in its original form, I marked where my shoulder finished using chalk, and cut

Removed pockets, and snipped off the bottom length  
(pockets will be used in a future project)

Snipped the ends off both sleeves...

..and used them to make a shoulder tag, for rolled sleeves.  Also using knotted tie's taken from the side on the original shirt design.
(also note in first pic, the dotted green line where I'd cut to size)

Shirt sleeves stitched back on, rolled and pinned

A little bit of shirring on the back

To help give a better fit on the waist

Close up of that lovely embroidery

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How to Organise a Frock Swap

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Organising a clothes swap is definitely up there on my list of things to try out one day.  I can't think of a better way to recycle unwanted, unworn fashion pieces, than to swap with a suitable garment that you'll get more wear out of. One persons fash is another persons treasure ;)

I've talked about organising a clothes swap here, and been to an organised event here, where I managed to take home these amazing cowboy boots (which in fact, I'm wearing today)

The following guestpost, from freelance writer Rob James, "How to organise a Frock Swap" covers the fundamentals of organising such an event..

How to organise a Frock Swap

Frock swaps can be a great way to clear out your wardrobe clutter and find some bargains. Basically involving an event where people bring in old dresses, and take new ones from the selection provided, frock swaps have been a popular option for some years for people looking to save some money. Frock swaps can take many forms, from broad ranging events through to more specialist prom dress or vintage swaps. When organising a frock swap, it’s worth thinking about a few general areas to avoid problems:

1 - Decide on Size

How large a frock swap will make a significant difference to its success. Smaller events for friends and family can be informally organized and put together in a few days. However, a larger event that needs wider advertising will take time and money to put together, from renting an appropriately sized venue, to investing in marketing.

2 - Set a Date and Location

Once you have your space, it’s important to set a date and a location for the swap. This can typically be in a space that’s large enough to accommodate a lot of stalls, and that is reasonably central if you’re organising a swap in a large city.

3 - Set Maximum Items

When sending out information for a frock swap, you will need to set a maximum item limit for what people can bring along with them. Doing so will prevent the event from being overloaded, and will reduce any headaches that you might suffer as a result.

4 - Have Enough Staff

Staff, in this sense, typically means volunteers that are prepared to put in the time to help you on the day to set up tables and stalls, as well as offering assistance and helping to register items that are dropped off and taken away.

5 - Ensure Rules Are Clear

Having a clear set of rules over what people can and cannot bring will make an event run much more smoothly. Be specific about the quality of the items to be brought, and make sure that people know that they need to be cleaned and ironed.

6 - Marketing

Depending on how large an event is, you will have several choices over how to market your event. These choices can range from traditional paper adverts and local newspaper and magazine listings, through to the use of Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and a dedicated Tumblr page for images of the event. It is important to make your event engaging for a community in ways that will extend beyond the swap itself, from encouraging people to post videos online to blogging about their experiences.

7 - Charitable Donations

Most frock swaps will donate any money they receive to charity. Money can come from entry fees on the day, as well as from options to give to charity boxes within a venue. It is also possible to donate any leftover clothes from the end of a day to a local charity. Make sure that you have cleared this with a charity beforehand though to avoid breaking any regulations on donations.

Rob James, interests include second hand fashion, organizing community events, and currently working for

Readers, have you organised a small or large scale frock swap before?