Refashioned Sweater Skirt and Legwarmers

Monday, April 30, 2012

Following on from last week's sweater skirt inspiration, I found a great second hand knit in Salvos for $6 which turned out to be perfect for this refashion project.

I did touch on a moment of guilt, cutting into an otherwise completely wearable garment. Having said that, when I located a store label inside the jumper marked as 'poly-knit', I didn't feel as bad as I would have done cutting into a home knitted jumper.

 The former arms of this jumper, are now leg warmers, perfect for dance class during winter..

This is an incredibly easy project to do, cut off sleeves, and neckline.  Sew sides shut (I serged with my overlocker, but you don't have to), add casing and elastic to the top of the skirt and leg warmers, and you're done. 


4th Feb 2013: Shared with Brassy Apple's IspyRefashion - Skirts

Recycled Fashion Finds #41

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday.. Recycled Fashion Finds. Thank you so much for last week's fashion link ups, which can be found here

Look at MaryBeth's Anthro Inspired DIY Polka Dot Goodwill Pants

Have you been thrifting this week?

Have you been refashioning?

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Recycled Fashion


Sponsored Video - Earth Day 2012

In a new video, In honor of Earth Day 2012, Skype brought together a selection of panelists on a group video call to share their views on the environment. Watch a conversation on global climate change, environmental awareness, and some of the best practices for the eco-conscious.

From a personal perspective, the four panelists chosen to share their insights on green issues facing our planet today suggested ways we can green our lives by; refusing plastic bags, turning off the water when brushing our teeth, choosing a greener method of travel, composting and growing our own vegetables, whether or not to eat meat. No-one however, addressed a greener way of clothing ourselves, by purchasing second-hand, recycled fashion, or making one's own garments as a greener, sustainable fashion alternative.

Do watch this video if you have a spare 9 minutes, there are some interesting resource websites mentioned worth visiting, with an emphasis on This post is sponsored by Skype.


DIY Upcycled Sweater Skirt

Thursday, April 26, 2012

As cooler weather approaches in the southern hemisphere, scarves, cozy boots, and warm jumpers appear to be the fashion norm.  Skirts may not be a popular choice of garment in cold winters, however, sweater skirts are a welcomed warmer alternative to the usual lightweight skirt fabric.

Examples of sweater skirts from Anthropologie can be seen below, although they are not currently available for sale 

Golden Spectrum Sweater Skirt

Abstract Forest Sweater Skirt

Whilst sweater skirts may not be available to buy new, sweater skirts appear easy to DIY. 

The following article on provides a step by step tutorial to make your own skirt, from a 'not so nice knit'..


Here is a wonderful DIY winter skirt by Dana

DIY ADVENT 6: Alten Pulli zum Rock umwandeln

 A cute upcycled sweater bubble skirt as seen on DIY Style

Upcycled Bubble Skirt

An adorable little girls upcycled knit skirt by Amanda Norell as seen on SewDaily

Woodland Sweater Skirt by Amanda Norell.

And lastly, a vintage mini sweater skirt seen on blooming leopold vintage & handmade

Today, was a good day, for I found the perfect jumper (sweater) in Salvos Stores, to try my own DIY sweater skirt, I can't wait to try this project!

Do you like sweater skirts, readers?


An Upcycled Beaded Necklace on Zero Craft Budget

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rolled recycled paper bead jewellery pieces are more commonly produced in countries such as Uganda and The Philippines, within micro enterprise initiatives. Women are taught the technique of rolling strips of paper by hand, which are secured by glue and varnished to resemble small beads. Their paper beads are then assembled into necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and sold to generate an income for underprivileged families, and pay for their children's education.

I've made my own paper beads using an empty cereal box, learning the technique through a Junk Wave workshop. The turquoise beads I found lying in the bottom of my craft box. Varnish? I could have bought some but instead used clear nail polish from my bathroom cabinet. How satisfying to make an accessory on a practically zero craft budget, using otherwise waste material.

Jeans: 3 years old (last clothing piece purchased new)
Boots: eBay (second hand)
Top: Banana Republic (op shop)
Cardigan: hand-me-down
Necklace: cereal box ;)


Tips for Hosting a Clothes Swap Party

Many of us have heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to our wardrobe. "You wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time." *Oprah

Which leaves us with an almighty large quantity of unworn wardrobe pieces.
(perhaps not this much....)

pile of clothes
Christian Boltanski's No Man's Land, composed of 27 tonnes of discarded clothing. Photograph: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images c/o The Guardian

What should we do with our unworn pieces? A solution might be to host a clothes swapping party, giving your unworn clothes a chance to be worn again.

Tracy, an op shop enthusiast and blogger fromthekiwigirl is about to host her second clothes swap party, her previous event blogged here. Tracy organised a small scale operation, which raised money for the Red Cross as part of their Big Cake Bake campaign.

I asked Tracy for her tips on hosting a similar clothes swap event, which I note below along with my own ideas and experiences.

* Find an appropriate venue.

Tracy hosted her party at her friends house. Other ideas might be to contact a local school, kindergarten, or childcare facility. Ask if they'd prepared to let you use one of their rooms in exchange for a perhaps small donation from each attendee, which would go toward fundraiser the facility. This would probably be easier to organise if you have a child, niece or nephew that attends any of the above. Alternatively, a local community hall, or centre might help?

* Organise

So you've found a venue, when would be best to host your party? Week day evenings might be best, as weekends are usually too busy for some, 7/7.30pm suit most. Tracy's idea of baking cakes is great, you could suggest to swapee's to bring a plate, a cake, or a bottle of wine? Emphasis on the party of the clothes swap party! Do you have or can you borrow a portable clothing rack or two? Browsing garments on a clothing rack is certainly much easier than sifting through a pile on the floor.

Image c/o weheartit

* Invite

You have a venue, and a date. Start emailing, calling, and sms your friends and family, tell them to invite their friends too, and create an event on facebook. If you feel confident, and are running the event as a fundraiser, you could print up a small flyer and pin it on supermarket, library, and local community noticeboards.

* On the night

Depending on your intended party size, on a clothes swapping party I once attended at a school, we were given tickets in exchange for the amount of clothing pieces we'd given to swap. We'd use our tickets as currency to pick out garments we'd like to take home. A similar set up is arranged with The Clothing Exchange 's large scale clothes swap events, instead of tickets, buttons are given as swapping currency (to a maximum of six garments)

image c/o weheartit

*Left over clothing

There will always be leftover pieces, what should be done with them? The easiest option would be to drop off at your local thrift / charity store. Alternatively, the leftover garments could be sold on eBay or at a flea market as fundraising for a charity or centre that was used to hold the event.

Have you hosted a clothes swap party before? Would you like to?
Have you been to a clothes swapping event? If so, how was it?


Recycled Fashion Local and National Events

Friday, April 20, 2012

Recycled Fashion readers, there are some exciting vintage and sustainable fashion events happening in Melbourne over the next few weeks that I'm excited to be involved with. For local readers, I'm sure you'll find the following events interesting.

First up, next weekend is the Southside Market, at the RSL club, Acland Street, St Kilda, where I'll be hosting a recycled fashion stall for the first time. Expect to see some of my zipper brooches, recycled chip packet clutch bags, recycled paper beads by AfriBeads, and recycled cutlery jewellery pieces by Greg Mann Jewellery. Other stall holders will include vintage fashion, and handmade goods. There is a competition on Southside Market's facebook page to win a $100 shopping spree at the market, do check the details here.

Next up, the following weekend, 5th May hosts the annual national Garage Sale Trail, a must for all bargain hunters. "Garage Sale Trail is about making sustainability fun and social and using the Internet to get people off the Internet.
" Search your local garage sales by suburb or postcode here

On the same weekend, Barkly Square, Brunswick, will be hosting a sustainable fashion-packed three day event with a series of free and ticketed events. Wardrobe Weekender, a three day event, will include upcycling workshops (hosted by myself, Fourth Daughter, and The Treasury), a pop up fashion book store, a clothing swap (hosted by The Clothing Exchange) and a new and recycled fashion market (hosted by Take2Markets).

Wardrobe Weekender, will also showcase the work of local emerging and student designers through an exhibition installation.

More details here, website coming soon.

And lastly, but definitely not least, I will be hosting my next Bayside Melbourne Op Shop Tour on Saturday 26th May.

Perhaps I'll see some of you over the coming weeks, if not, happy recycled shopping wherever you may be!!


Recycled Fashion Finds #40

Happy Friday! Recycled Fashion Finds is here. Thank you so much for last week's shares, I'm loving your thrifted outfits and creations!

Taken from last weeks Recycled Fashion Finds, I'm enjoying Adin's thrifty outfit with bright yellow accessories, her skirt only cost 50c and sweater $1..

and Liz's latest thrift edits (by the way Liz, yes you can wear ruffles!!)

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Recycled Fashion


Inspiration: Mod Podge Shoe Redo's

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What does Mod Podge, the wonder glue, most commonly used for decoupage projects, have to do with fashion? Shoes, that's what! A pair of my own boots have been subjected to the original sealer, glue and finish all-in-one a year ago..

Boot fix here

Other Mod Podge refashioned, upcycled shoe redo projects, sourced from around the net include...

Cathie Filian's boots as seen on Make Something

Anna's floral shoes as seen on Made in Pretoria

Old scarf and Mod Podged converse by mbabound2012


Jessica's shoe re-do involving decoupage glue
(not Mod Podge but similar) & more as seen on mad in crafts

DIY Shoe Redo:  $1.50 Goodwill shoes get a makeover with mystery supplies from Scribble Shop - Mad in Crafts #fashion #glitter

Ashley's Mod Podge flats seen on Make It and Love It

Sibylle's floral wedge revamp as seen on Funkytime Design Juice

Anne's glitter heel fix as seen on Wobisobi

Do you have a pair of old shoes in need of a re-do? Do get your hands on some Mod Podge, but be warned, the wonder glue is not waterproof, my friends.