Recycled Fashion Finds #38

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday folks, what are you up to this weekend? Do you have thrifting adventures planned? Perhaps you are off to the Op Shop Ball or a Comedy Op Shop Tour if you're in Melbourne? Friday means its Recycled Fashion Finds! You can check out last weeks link ups right here.

Blue Bird Sews' purse made from a pair of jeans is pretty impressive..

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Recycled Fashion


Two Butterflies Spring Necklaces

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An adorable DIY necklace idea from Jennifer of TwoButterflies. A little spring bouquet necklace made from vintage brooches, earrings, and other odds and ends.

Jennifer is hosting a giveaway of one of her necklaces right here

Her giveaway ends on 4th April, pop on over to her blog post, and comment for a chance to win!

Guest Post - How to Make Fashionable Clothes Last Longer

Monday, March 26, 2012

This following guest post is written by Alex from Zando; women's fashion online. Alex raises important thoughts on ways we can choose our fashion pieces, which may well reduce our need to buy clothes so often.

How to Make Fashionable Clothes Last Longer

It can be tricky trying to keep up with fashion. Just as soon as you fill your wardrobe with all the latest fashionable items, you find the fashion world has moved on and nothing you have is ‘in’ anymore.

Clearly, this situation isn’t good for your bank balance or for the environment. So when you want to be environmentally responsible, but still look good, and up to date, what’s a girl (or boy) to do?

Well, fortunately there are ways you can avoid the ephemera and make sure the fashionable items you buy can last. Here’s how:

Be selective in what you buy

Never buy on impulse – this way of shopping is responsible for a multitude of clothing sins. Reserve your funds for those fashionable items you know you will wear and will look good on you.

Lots of people tend to buy fashionable items simply because they’re in fashion, without considering whether they’re ideal for them or not. Fashionable items will always last longer if you truly like them and look good in them.

By cutting down on your purchases and spending money only on those items that really work for you, you’ll buy less and get more use and more enjoyment out of the items you do buy... Be honest, how many cute tops do you have that you’ve not worn more than once or twice? Quite.

Get a staple range of classic clothes

Many fashionable items are ‘in’ for much longer periods of time than other more transient items. Take the famous little black dress for example. This will never go out of fashion because it comes in so many designs and styles and it looks good on pretty much every woman (providing they find the right style for them).

It just takes a little bit of thought to realize which must have fashion items are short lived fads and which are truly great items of clothing.

Plan your wardrobe so you have some classically fashionable items you can interchange with one another. Think about every area – from tops to trousers to jumpers and so on. You can then buy a few more currently fashionable items to wear with your classically fashionable pieces, to get the best of both worlds.


Many people make the mistake of thinking that keeping up with fashion is an expensive pastime. It certainly can be, but it can also be much easier to manage if you follow the suggestions given above.

If consumers could all join together and stop buying the more superficial fashion items in favor of sticking to the classics that last we could save so much wastage and I’m sure we would all have nicer wardrobes too!

With a little time and practice you can step out every single day looking fashionable and stunning, and yet you know you won’t have spent a fortune on your clothes. You also know you won’t be going out buying new ones every weekend, because you will know the secret to being fashionable and making your clothes last.

Thank you Alex, for your insightful blog post.


Secondhand Shoeaholic

Would someone else please buy these absolutely amazing jade green vintage heels, to stop me drooling unnecessarily over my computer?

Vintage 1940s Shoes : 40s Green Button Peep Toe Pumps

Vintage 1940s Shoes : 40s Green Button Peep Toe Pumps

Despite being a self-confessed second hand shoeaholic, these little beaut's are beyond gorgeous, but they are somewhat over my budget.

Do you buy second-hand shoes, or do you prefer to buy new? What is your shoe budget?


Inspiration Pale Blue

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today's theme is pale blue, inspired by a pleated Carolina Herrera cocktail dress worn by Reese Witherspoon..

source peoplewatch

A little vintage toy ute my son found on one of our second hand shopping jaunts for $2

70s Sweater Dress

70s Sweater Dress - vintage pale pastel ice blue knit, Nordic snow bunny lodge style, midi length & portrait neckline
from FactorySecondBook

Blue Cameo Necklace

Cameo Necklace - Silver Jewelry, Ice Blue Flower, White and Blue Cameo, Silver Plated
by EternalEden

Vintage Suitcase, 1960s

Vintage Blue Suitcase // 1960s Mid Century Retro Luggage in Baby Blue and Silver by Carousel

from adVintagous

Vintage soft blue sandals
vintage soft blue sandals with ankle wrap // size 9

from helloambition

Shirt Pale Blue V Neck Pleated Collar Vtg 70s/80s Medium

SALE Shirt Pale Blue V Neck Pleated Collar Vtg 70s/80s Medium

My own outfit, with refashioned pale blue sweater
and mod podged paper butterfly shoes

Do you like this shade of pale blue, or is it too icy for you?


Recycled Fashion Finds #37

Friday, March 23, 2012

What have you been thrifting or making? Because it is Friday, you can share it right here on Recycled Fashion Finds!

I just love Seams Sustainable's thrifted and embellished Goodwill vest from last fortnights Recycled Fashion Finds. More can be found here.

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Recycled Fashion


Hawaiian Muumuu Refashion

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I spoke of a refashion dilemma a few weeks back, which is now rectified and complete. After rushing to refashion my Hawaiian Hilo Hattie Muumuu, scored from divasvintage I cut far too much length, which deemed the dress completely unwearable for day time wear.

This is the 'before' refashion disaster

My choice for dress, is for a friends Hawaiian themed wedding in just a few weeks from now, imagine my disappointment therefore, at such a snip-happy disaster. The end result however, far exceeds the failure, for the accidental refashion refix, I'm now delighted with, but it's taken a bit of thought and time.

Here's where it all went wrong.. I used an existing (short) dress for a template..

Thank you to Recycled Fashion's loyal readers for the tips, I went for a completely different option, suggested by my thoughtful Mum. She'd suggested adding a thin green ribbon (matching palm tree print) to the bottom hem of mini-disaster, and adding the cut off previous bottom hem to the bottom ribbon edge, thus having a green strip in-between two pieces of fabric. (are you confused? I am re-reading what I've just said!)

I found not one, but six mint green men's necktie's in Family Life Op Shop, I purchased two. One mint green necktie I used for the attaching strip, and the other to make a matching sash belt, using excess muumuu fabric on the reverse side.

Mint green neckties from the op shop
Going back to the original muumuu snip, I've also removed both sleeves.

I've used one green necktie, opened and ironed flat, cut into an approximate 10cm strip, to place in-between bottom cut hem. The middle excess muumuu fabric strip I've used to make my reversible sash

The Sash
Close up..

To finish off, I've used scrap pieces to make a hair clip/brooch rosette ..

More than likely however, I'll wear the rosette as a brooch, as Desiree's daisy headband received at Christmas fits perfectly to the Hawaiian theme outfit.

Tis my favourite refashion so far, a "happy accident" my Mum calls it..


Interview with Martina of Bartinki EcoFashion

Monday, March 19, 2012

Readers, I've had my eye on Bartinki EcoFashion for quite some time now, and have been following Martina's journey.

Slovakian born Martina is a one woman eco-stitcher, spending her time scouring second hand fabric, and factory dead stock, to create one of a kind environmentally friendly clothing pieces in The Netherlands, where she now lives. She sells her wares in her online shops and local stores and blogs about it here.

Martina's style is quite unique, her signature pieces include upcycled men's necktie and zipper collars..

Unique collar with zipper - purple and peach orange - stripy silk - black silver zipper - one size fits all - by Bartinki - READY TO SHIP

Massive silk collar - zipper collar - upcycled silk and satin - unique piece - royal blue lime green black white - by Bartinki

The coolest leggings you ever did see...

funky dresses..

And jewellery pieces made with recycled and natural materials

Getting to know Martina a little better, she has kindly agreed to be interviewed for Recycled Fashion.

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

I was born in Slovakia, and that’s where I get my craft skills. Over years I moved within a few countries, mostly in Western Europe, and started to feel less comfortable with waste produced by our civilization and its approach to consumption. I decided to do something about my concerns and since I moved the country again, I decided to change also my career direction.

Can you tell us about your products?

The main point of my work is to upcycle... This means not only second hand clothing, but working with deadstock too. This is material mostly from fabric production excess, when good fabric became excessive just because of cancelled order of supplier or new stock in warehouse. I also work with new material with errors in print etc. These are good materials, and all I need is to work around to avoid problematic places. My products are made with intention to save this otherwise waste. I’m not a professional tailor, neither designer. But I love the challenge of working with limitations, when no two things can be the same.

Why is it important for you to incorporate recycled materials into your clothing line?

Living in Western Europe is big eye opener when it comes to consumption and waste. There are so many good, but rejected materials out there, that I’m wondering why more designers don’t use this source. It’s not only trend, it’s what we have to do, if we don’t want to end up living in one huge landfill. My beliefs in upcycling comes from my background – I grown up in last era of communism's in Eastern Europe, and we did recycling back then, not as a trend, but as a necessity. I still think the best recyclers ever were our grandparents – nothing teaches people to value things like poverty. This world has too much and people are forgetting that there’s no lunch for free.

What does the future have in store for Bartinki?

I hope to continue and develop what I’m doing now. I do what I do with passion, and appreciate peoples’ feedback. I supply local shops and also sell online – in future I would like to continue with this. But I wish to work more with people, doing workshops, showing them how they can refashion or reuse whatever they already have in their wardrobes. It’s just passing on the basics for modest living. I wish people value more what they have.

A girl after my own heart, Martina I wish you all the best with your eco-fashion label Bartinki, and your future.


March 10th Op Shop Tour Wrap-Up

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Apologies for anyone waiting to link up to Recycled Fashion Finds, which will be back on Friday.

In the meantime, to fill you in on last Saturday's Op Shop Tour, what a successful day we had. Not only did the sun shine down on our Melbourne Bayside second-hand shopping expedition, I walked a group of 14 op-shoppers through six op shops in Sandringham, Brighton and Hampton.

I do my best not to buy too much for myself, instead concentrating on tour guiding for others, but I couldn't resist this $4 dress, which I stripped from Gertrude (the op shop mannequin), in Biccy's Op Shop Brighton..

LinkImage c/o Laura from ALittleBoutiqueNearHome, she's written a lovely review of the tour here

We filled our day with nostalgia, friendly chat, bargains, clothes, bric-a-brac, recycled gifts for ourselves and our loved ones, and naturally, lots of fun. Some of our op-shoppers had travelled long distances to be with us. We had two friends that flew in from Sydney, and four ladies caught a flight from Brisbane, specifically for the tour. Our Brisbane companions work in an op-shop back in their home town Sandlewood Op Shop.

Op-shopper Desley posted a photograph of the Brisbanite group's finds from the day, taken at their hotel in Melbourne. So many treasures, they'd literally filled a wheeled luggage bag between them.

A few more of my own happy snaps from the day..

Lampshade skirt in Salvos, display only, recycled fashion?!

Biccys Op Shop, Brighton

The cutest little ceramic storage containers

If this were a belt, I'd have snapped it up, but it's a dog collar for one potentially fashionable dog

Guinness, Toucan?

A thoroughly enjoyable day, I'm looking forward to the next one on 26th May.