Recycled Gifts at Red Cross Shops this Festive Season

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few years ago, I published a blog post; A Recycled Christmas, giving suggestions of gifts that could be purchased second-hand during the festive season.

The Red Cross emailed through a beautiful promotional video they've put together, which also encourages buying recycled gifts for Christmas:

Film credits: Concept development and direction: Cherise Conrick, Typespace and Chris Edser Original Music 'Gift to Give': Scott Illingworth and Adrian Zammit V
ocals: Carla Lippis 
Sound Design: Scot Illingworth 
Animation: Chris Edser, Jarrod Prince, Lisa Vertudaches, Harry Plane, Bill Northcott 
Additional colouring: Bri Hammond 

“People don’t tend to think of a Red Cross shop as a place to buy gifts, but there are so many wonderful present options if you come in and have a look,” said Olivia Cozzolino, Australian Red Cross Retail General Manager.

Red Cross shops have a great range of pre-loved items, from good quality clothing to books, furniture, shoes and accessories as well as a variety of brand new discounted items such as jewellery, handbags and scarves - something to suit all tastes and ages.

“A great gift doesn’t have to be brand new. Buying recycled helps the environment and there are so many fabulous items that have had a past life and a new owner would really love. This Christmas we want people to remember that when you purchase a gift from Red Cross shops, not only are you buying a thoughtful gift for someone, but it’s a gift that gives twice because Red Cross uses the proceeds to help others,” she said.

Red Cross has 164 retail shops around Australia.  For your nearest Red Cross shop, visit or call 1800 339 88. Follow Red Cross shops on Facebook and Pinterest
Will you be buying recycled gifts this Christmas?



Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Wonderful way to shop for the holidays - thanks for this post, Erica. We don't have Red Cross shops here in Florida but we have lots of great charity/thrift shops.

Adelaide Nussbaum said...

Some years ago, when my sister was at college with very little cash to spare, she gave me a parcel at Christmas. In it was a skirt, a cardigan and an amazing pair of suede shoes with button fastenings. I wondered how on earth she could have afforded this wonderful gift, and she let me in on the secret - they were from a charity shop. I would never have guessed, and it was certainly my favourite gift that year. Choose with care and charity shop finds can hold their own against mainsteam retailed items.

Unknown said...

Love this story Adelaide, Thankyou for sharing!

gerecycled geschenken said...

Recycled gifts are a new concept of gifts. Buying recycled helps the environment and at the same time fulfills the purpose of the presenter.

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