10 ways to Restyle a T-Shirt

Monday, December 10, 2012

Last month, I received an email from a journalist writing for Ethical Fashion Forum's source magazine, asking if I could be interviewed for an article based on upcycled fashion. I suggested an article focused on ways to upcycle a simple t-shirt.  The article on Source Magazine can be found here, however, I've expanded a little further here, with a blog post dedicated to 10 ways to restyle a t-shirt'.  Some of these are my own ideas, others are shared from the WWW.

1. Into a dress by adding strips of fabric to the bottom, and in this case, a zipper neckline 

 More here

2.  Into a halter-neck top and headbands by removing the neckline and sleeves.

More here

3. Into a ruffle bag or grocery bag- also helping reduce plastic bags.

As seen on UrbanThreads

More here

As seen on delia creates
More here

(Agy from Green Issues in Singapore, teaches recycled t-shirt grocery bag workshops.  More here.)

4. Into little girls dress, which allows creativity in its creation and whilst being worn!

More here

5. Embellished T-shirt as seen on Jezebel

                                                                           More here

6. T-shirt jersey wrap sandals as seen on pinterest

 More here

7. T-shirt hat as seen on At Second Street

Tutorial found here

8. Shoulder tie t-shirt as seen on wordstosweatby

9. T-shirt yoga skirt as seen on Stay-at-Home-Artist

Tutorial by Kacey found here

10. T-shirt ruffle skirt as seen on Analog Me

More here

Feel free to comment with links to other cool restyle t-shirt ideas, the more the merrier!



Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I nearly passed out at the sight of the ruffled eco bag! Then there's the Twiggy dress - GAH!!! The DIY I can actually see myself doing is the shoulder-tie one as regular crew-neck t-shirts are a killer in this weather! Thanks so much for sharing these links Erica xoxoxo

Sleekit said...

So many great ideas Erica

Sleekit x

Laura said...

I'm loving that grocery bag from Delia Creates! Very tempted to give it a go.

Ahka Vintage said...

Love the sandals!

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

This is an awesome post! LOVE the ideas!!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

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