Wearable Canvas Art: The Apparition Collection

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Is fashion, art?" is a question previously addressed on Recycled Fashion.  Undeniably, for many fashion designers, the fine line between fashion and art is somewhat of a fuzzy one, as the two amalgamate as one.

Fashion Artist, Don Pezzano, under his label Urbandon, based in Sydney, Australia, uses recycled materials to produce his label.  In his latest collection, he has quite literally fused art into fashion, by creating a new line of limited edition jackets, made from a reclaimed painted canvas.

"A local artist recently discarded four huge paintings that I managed to recover. The paintings reveal ghostly, half-there images of spectres. These haunting images drew me like a moth to a flame."

"In a flash, I knew exactly what those canvases should be. A frenzy of washing and savage cutting reduced them to a pile of pieces, only to emerge a week or so later as four jackets. Four sizes, four unique never-to-be-repeated jackets." Don Pezzano, Urbandon

The Apparition Collection

Don's striking jackets take re-purposing old material into new, in an entirely new direction. There is no question, in this instance, that fashion is art, in wearable form.

Don's jackets are available to buy online here.  You can also see more of Don's work on his blog.

Next time you see an unwanted canvas art piece, perhaps you'll look at it in a different light, I know I will be...



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