Groupon for Christmas?

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm a little bit bah-humbug about Christmas this year. I fear that time is running out to buy gifts for friends and family, and the thought of buying gifts in haste, that my friends and family may not want or need, leaves me feeling irritated.  I'd love to make gifts for my friends and family as I did last year, but fear I will not have the time.

I've been considering ordering some sort of service or activity as gifts, rather than a physical object. Something like a tour, or a voucher for an activity might be a nice idea?

I've been perusing Groupon, as an option. Groupon is a 'deal-based' website, offering discounted items, and vouchers for services. More on Groupon here.

Here are a few ideas:

Hepburn Springs Spa Retreat
With breakfast, wine tour, spa, food and drink vouchers
$169 discounted from $400

Ok so this one might be a bit extravagant for a Christmas gift, but sounds nice doesn't it!

Three hour swim with Dolphins
With wild dolphins and seals with Moonraker Charters, Sorrento
$79 for one person, or $149 for two, discounted from $350

Mr RF and I went on this trip 5 years ago, and had the best time.

Two-hour Kiteboarding Lesson
Including all equipment, $69 for one person, or $110 for two, with The Zu Boardsports

Great for a sporty / beach loving friend or family member

Groupon is not just limited to Melbourne, there are offers nationwide, with many deals on products as well as activities.  A complete list found here.

Readers, what are your thoughts on buying a voucher for an activity as a gift, rather than an item that may not be wanted, or needed?



Patti said...

I'd love to receive or give a voucher for an activity as a gift (we don't do Christmas gifts, but any time of year would be lovely)! Good thinking, Erica.

Agy said...

It's a good idea, but friends been having problems with this business model over here :-( but maybe it's a localised issue.


I like the idea and have actually used them myself, both locally and when travelling overseas.They were handy in San Francisco when I met up with my daughter after not seeing her for 9 months. Purchased as gifts to my daughter we enjoyed together a wine tour of the Sonoma Valley and a Psychedelic Bus Tour(low tech) around San Francisco. They are easy and stress free to buy but sometimes they do not live up to the experience that they promise. For example I have purchased a groupon for a High Tea for my other daughter and I. The high tea was in a sit down bakery with a selection of pastries and scones. There were no sandwiches and it was a very busy inner city bakery so you had a lot of foot traffic plus noise to contend with.

Perhaps you can create your own groupon, but this would only work on a local level for family and friends that lived in the same city as you....or visiting with you.
For example....I live on the outskirts of a beautiful National Park. Therefore I could create a Mezzy Made voucher for visiting non local family or friend to be their tour guide for the day. As a local you have an inside knowledge of your city's hidden secrets that are off the tourist trail.

Experiences out way commercialised gifts any day. You just need to be inventive. However, living in a global community probably means that we have family and friends scattered all over the world. In this instance a groupon would be a great alternative advice then would be to pick the Groupon experience very carefully.

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