Kingfisher T-shirt Dress Refashion

Monday, October 22, 2012

One men's Kingfisher t-shirt, purchased for $3 in Salvos.

Whilst this t-shirt happens to be a promotional item for an Indian 'lager beer', I don't actually drink beer, but I do admire those gorgeous large-headed, short-tailed, colourful Kingfisher birds representing the brand.

Kingfisher cuteness c/o archies info

I wanted to turn this Kingfisher tee into an interesting day dress, and started by cutting off the existing neckline entirely, and replacing with a double zipper.  I followed a tutorial for this here.  I shall not lie, it took me an age to figure out how to force through that second zipper, I'm still not entirely sure how I managed it.  Stitching the double zipper in place, was not so difficult.

Next step, cut both sleeves to cap them.

I searched through my fabric stash, to find colours to match the Kingfisher, and picked out a blood orange scarf, and leftover green fabric which I used to make this wrap-top.

The easy way to finish this dress, was to cut away a strip from the bottom t-shirt hem, add in two strips of additional colour fabric, and re-attach the bottom hem.

To attach each strip, I've cut open only one side of the t-shirt, and overlocked (serged)the first strip in place.

Due to a lack of sewing space, I am pinning fabric on the floor (outside), which of course is an invitation for Her Royal Catness to get involved.

I am very excited at this point, to try out a brand new sewing technique I was taught on a one day overlocker masterclass at the CAE in Melbourne a few months back.  The technique is called 'flatlocking', and looks like this:

Pretty nifty, eh?

There is an online tutorial for flatlocking found here, for anyone that would like to give it a go on their own overlocker (serger).

Loads of space to have a little rest, but Her Royal Catness of course needs to retire on the sewing project..

and again...

Gee its hard being a cat, isn't it?

When Her Royal Catness let me continue, I finish my dress by closing the side seam. I found the dress a little too big, so took in both sides a little. 

With the existence of a a double zipper neckline, I can adjust my dress to be an off-one shoulder (or off-both shoulders) if I so wish.

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Sophie said...

Love it! What a great idea for the neckline and for extending the tee into a day dress!

AdinB said...

That is so creative! That dress looks really nice. :) Gotta love being creative and clever.

Miss Thomas said...

Marvellous, love the combination of fabrics.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I really love this one - especially the neckline. Doesn't hurt that I DO drink beer as well, but agree that kingfishers are very cute.

Judy C said...

It's adorable. I love the fabrics you chose to go with the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Erica, the colours work beautifully. Well done!

juxtapose nz said...

Her Royal Catness - love it! Just like my babies when I pull the sewing machines out.

JACLYN said...

Really fun idea!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Very creative, and gorgeous colours. And yeah, cats have the whole world to walk on, but somehow they always want to walk on whatever you're trying to do :)

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