Patched Jeans Inspiration

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Patched Jeans Inspiration

:: Free People Jeans ::

These jeans are quite something aren't they?  Seen on pinterest, they are sold through Free People, for US $ 228.  I am sure such jeans would involve a fair bit of work, and thus equate to a high cost in terms of labour time, however, a similar design could be replicated at minimal cost.  Take an old or thrifted pair of jeans, denim and fabric scraps, studs, lace, perhaps even doilies, cut into squares and rectangles, take the jeans apart at the middle seams to sew patches on flat, and stitch back together again.

I had a go at my own patched jeans using upholstery patches last year..

more here.

And for my son when he was little..

 more here

Whilst I've not patched an entire pair of jeans, I would think a DIY project would be quite time consuming, but much more cost effective and far better than buying a new pair of patched jeans.



Christina - Mums Helping Mums PND Support Network said...

Sounds like a great project to me! Time consuming, but maybe, seeing it's summer, you could do a skirt instead? Then by winter you'll have it perfected with a pair of patched jeans!

Laura said...

This is a fantastic idea! Those Free People jeans look amazing. I quite like the idea – especially because it doesn't even matter if you're a great hand at sewing. Giant loopy stitches would make it look even better!

the dreamer said...

I love those FP jeans! I'll have to try to DIY a pair myself.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

now those are cute

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

These are really cute! I may have to do this with one of my denim skirts!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Bat Ma'am said...

I LOVE THOSE!!! I have a pair that I added 2 Batman patches to, I'm picturing them more like this in the near future !!!

AdinB said...

I would say it is much better if you get to do it on your own in that way you get to choose the design you want. Definitely saves you tons of money. I love how yours and your son turned out. I am also looking for another pair of jeans that I can do some patching eventhough I already have one bought from Quiksilver months ago. LOL! I did start on a pair of jeans for my little girl, but didn't get to visit because of this moving deal. :) Visiting you here again!

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