Deception Of The Shoe

Monday, September 3, 2012

Whilst browsing pinterest, I find a pair of amazing shoes that make my feet smile:

My first thought, what brand are they? Secondly, can I buy them second hand?  When clicking through to the image from pinterest, I see a comment, with a link to the available shoes, but wouldn't you know it, these shoes are not the heels you think they are!  The model appears to be on her toes, giving the deception she is wearing a pair of heels, but in fact, they are a pair of flat jelly flats by Zara.  Oh, how disappointing!

Out of curiosity, I did have a nose on eBay to see if I can find the shoes second hand, and yes I did find a listing, but not in my size.



Anonymous said...

oh i love those shoes

Peta said...

super cute!

Bat Ma'am said...

CUTE! I'm not only somewhat tall for a girl, (and my hubs and I are the same height) but I also have large feet (5'7" size 11) and it seems all the prettiest shoes are tiny heels! I love these! Any size 11's??? ;)

Bundyson said...

I agree, they are lovely shoes but would look amazing as "heels" :)

Unknown said...

Bat Ma'am, the size I found on eBay were itsy bitsy teeny weeny! Boo!

Sleekit said...

Oh pretty shoes!

Sleekit x

AdinB said...

Those are some pretty shoes and the model did a great job and making it look like it a pair of heels. :)

Roxy said...

I know this is probably late and you may already know that they actually do come in sandal (heel) form! both of them are sold out online... you may still be able to find a pair though, i found this blog post that has 3 brands that offer the same design:

happy shopping

:) roxy

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