Spring Sewing Dress Refashion

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thrifty dress refashioning has taken a back-burner over the winter, as fellow Melburnian's will confirm this years winter has been far from mild, its been too cold to even consider sewing a dress, let along wearing one.

I purchased a second-hand dress from Biccies op shop in Brighton in the middle of winter, for under $5, I can't recall the exact amount I paid for it.


It has taken be a veeeerry long time to get to work on this, but as temperatures are finally on the up, I did finish this dress refashion the other week, and managed to get some photographs in it outside. Bear in mind that whilst the sun is out, the Melbourne's Bayside wind got the better of me!

The Mummy duct tape dress-form got her first workout too:

The print on this dress, reminds me a little of these trousers I saw on pinterest

As seen on pinterest

I don't have any sewing-in-action photographs, except for the initial sizing up of dresses. I used this dress which fits me perfectly, to get an idea of sizing.

I've chopped off the sleeves and collar to re-design the dress into a sleeveless number.  I've pinched the fabric together at each shoulder, and hand stitched using invisible thread to stay in place, which makes them less boxy.  I saw a similar technique by TwoButterflies on Refashion Co-Op.

 The faux leather butterfly belt, by the way, is a Salvos purchase for $5.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope the weather is being kind to you today.

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Patti said...

Wow - what a transformation! It's a really pretty print too. Hope your warming trend continues : >

Stacey said...

Ooo, a fabulous transformation! I love the finished products. I'm actually looking forward to warm weather so that I can break out the dresses again.

AdinB said...

You did an amazing job refashioning the dress. I too like the print and I am hoping to find flower printed jeans for this fall. I hope! Looking lovely.

Kim, USA said...

A very beautiful transformation!


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